++ COVID safely at E2 2022++

We have now updated the page on the COVID safety measures that apply for the forthcoming event. Please make sure you read the page as it is important that everyone follow the guidance.

We have decided to keep all the current policies in place for the coming event, including the entry requirements which were announced at the start of the year. Unfortunately, the government have opted to make it harder to get a COVID pass, but some players are still able to get one by registering for international travel. We’ve amended the page for entry requirements to reflect that. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of participants were already registered - over 2000 people had shown us their COVID pass for the last event, so they don’t need to register again. The fact that almost all our players are fully vaccinated is fantastic news that helps to make the event safer for everyone.

Everyone who hasn’t already sent us a valid COVID pass will need to purchase an LFT and take the test on the day of travel to the event. Please don’t bring your LFT test with you, our gate staff will simply ask you to confirm that you have taken an LFT test that day and that you have not newly tested positive in the last seven days. If you’re coming to the event with friends, please make sure they’re aware of the rules. In particular, if you’re travelling to the event in a vehicle, then make sure everyone in the vehicle has taken a test so that none of you experiences any delays when you get to the event.

If you do newly test positive in the seven days before the event, then you must not attend. I’m really grateful to the many players who did test positive on the run-up to the last event and who contacted us to let us know that they were not able to attend the event. We realize nobody wants to miss an event - especially after two years of no Empire - but their honesty helped make the event safer for everyone else. As we said we would, we changed their tickets to complimentary so that they were still able to get experience and downtime. We’ll continue to operate that policy throughout this year.

The other measures from the first event are also unchanged. That means that face masks will be required in a Profound Decisions communal tent or structure with one or more sides and a roof unless you are mask-exempt. This includes the GOD tent, the Conclave, the Acadamy, Senate, Military Council, the Hub, our encounter tents, and when ordering from the bar at Anvil. Last event we were able to leave off all four sides of some of our tents and leave the roof off some of our buildings making masks optional in those locations. On the recommendation of our advisory group, we will continue to take that approach wherever the weather allows for it. I saw a lot of people wearing masks at the event and I’d like to publicly thank everyone who did that for making that effort to support the wider LRP community in this way.

The prohibition on drinking from communal bottles around campfires also remains in place. I heard several reports of many people bringing their own tankard or similar for the first time and again I want to thank those who did that. We’re trying to take appropriate steps to make the events safer, but we’re really reliant on the community to be responsible and to support our friends and fellow LRPers who are vulnerable and need us to be able to take these steps so that they can consider attending the events. My thanks to everyone who did that.

Matt P,