Crafters meetup

((Cross posted from Facebook))

Ariadne and Eriktho of the Auric Horizon would like to invite crafters of all nations interested in sharing and improving their arête in the arts of handcrafting to join them in the Auric Horizon camp in Urizen at 11am on the Saturday of the winter solstice festival.

For those with young children we have a secure crèche where they can play, or if the weather is nice we will have a shaded playpen outdoors.

Clarification (and likely dumb question): You mean crafters that make stuff OC yeah? Not those who make magic items in game?

Yes, OOC crafters. I think most of the people on the Facebook group are cloth crafters (including knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, embroidery and sewing/tailoring), but that doesn’t mean we don’t welcome the leatherworkers, jewellers, woodworkers, blacksmiths, bakers etc :smiley:

It’s mostly a social occasion, where those of us who craft in the field can work on projects in like minded company, and try out new skills.