Creating Cool Covens

So you’re a bunch of Wizards, what do you do to create your Coven? What kind of Oath do you make and swear to? How do you make it properly appropriate to your nation and atmospheric to recite?

How do you go about choosing the kind of magic you specialise in? What kind of Paraphernalia do you chose? Do you have a particular magical technique that you use and how do you incorporate it into your magical practise? (The techniques are Dramaturgy, Rune Magic, Astronomancy, Music of the Spheres and the Totem Magics of Heraldric Magic, Spirit Animals, Theurgy and Goetia)

How do you make your coven a living, breathing thing rather than just something to let you cast bigger rituals with?

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Have a purpose. More than just, “erm, do magic”. Are you flaunting your strength? Making money? Gaining leverage? Are you all from one banner? are you secret? do you let anyone in or are there strict entry requirements?

Have a schtick, something that makes you recognisable if seen ritualling - oh its that blue robed Winter lot; it’s the morris dancers, oh no, its the noisy Freeborn again. Think about a common visual element - put on your wizzard hat, red scarf, tabards, a white ribbon tied on the left sleeve. Easy if you’re also the same banner, but very doable if you choose an accessory that fits for most people’s kit.

Think about how you express the elements of your hearth magic - do you meditate? Sing? do jumping jacks? reach for the non-existent lasers? Do you make heavy use of props (staves, orbs, robes; but also maps for divination, models for resources, swords to bestow battle buffs)? Do you speak chorally, or just one of you, or each in turn? Do you move precisely, chaotically, rythmically, onto and off stage, together, follow-my-leader? Could one at a glance distinguish the target (s) of your rituals from the contributors, or do they act the same?

Example: Brass Coast hearth magic is coins, contracts, fire (theoretically) and music. Our is a family coven, and we sing - big, loud, not neccesarily well, and involving everyone - mages, other family members, small child, guesting NPC, people waiting for the regio … A different song for each ritual. Lots of shaking of whatever one is holding - tamborines, staves, ribbons, a covenstone. Targets get a verse aimed at them - and everyone waves their implement at them. Every makes a lot of noise - brazenly, in fact.

Oath - think about what is your coven for? Do you usually just enchant your banner? Are you into big army rituals? Are you for hire? What realm(s) do you cast in? If I overheard the oath being administered, I should have an idea what that coven are all about. One idea to make your oath central is to begin (or end) rituals with reciting it. If you plan to use it often like this, make it short. Something a bit poetic makes it easier to remember.

Example: "Passion and Profit ! Family and Empire ! Wherever we stand, we are Freeborn ! "
(it really does sound out those exclamations)

Oh, and rainbow covens are much harder to organise. Pick one or two realms and half a dozen mastered rituals you can do well, rather than be a bit ok at everything.


One thing ive noticed the really effective covens do is have one person whos into all the maths side of things to hot calculate magnitudes and such (Though you can preplan this stuff the field laughs at best laid plans :smiley: ) and one person who enjoys the cat herding to get the ritualists in the right place, with the right stuff at the right time (And possibly keep them there!).

I mean they could be the same person but i think it works better separately :slight_smile:


I can heartily recommend picking up a copy of The Smug Little Basalisk’s Guide To Ritual Magic as it has some handy tables that let you work out ritual maths easier in the field :slight_smile:.


Where could one purchase such a book?

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Asenath of Felix’s Watch tends to sell them at Conclave, she often brings a basket of them with her and gives a shout out before we start.