Creating your character reminder

This is Clare from Player Support. As I’m sure you’re all aware we have a record number of new players booked for next event. 305 and counting. 58 of these players have yet to create characters on the system.

We really need these players to create characters and select resources by Thursday April 19th at the latest.

That weekend our hardworking GOD (games operation desk) staff will be converging on Preston for a couple of days of printing and stuffing envelopes.

If we can pack your pack then it means we have it ready for you at the event, we can correctly count resources and coins and we can arrange restocking as needed.

The absolute minimum you need is to select nation, territory, name and resource. You don’t have to spend any character points if you don’t want to. We’ll also change character skills and details if you aren’t happy with what you’ve chosen.

Also have a look at the apprentice skill -

Please create characters and help us help you have an amazing event with the minimum of queuing!


And everyone possible booked & paid by then too, for the same reasons.

Stuffing envelopes is no fun. Doing it on-site is really no fun and takes at least twice as long.

“our hardworking GOD staff”