Crewing for Empire

Hi everyone,

This is a quick update to talk about crewing and let people know that we’re recruiting again. As the events just keep getting bigger as more and more players book, we’ve developed a few specific vacancies that we’re trying to fill.

We’re looking for experienced live roleplayers to join the team. Crewing can be an amazing experience - it’s hard work but is just as fun as playing and even more rewarding.

Firstly we’re looking for more people to join our skirmish team. We’re keen to try and build up our numbers until we reach the magic 100! If you want to be part of every skirmish and battle that takes place in Empire - this is the role for you!

We also need a few people to help with the set-up and take-down of the event - specially helping prepare and dismantle our plot tent. There’s a lot of kit to get out and put away at each event - but you’ll have most of the event free if you want to play.

We’ve created an additional encounter tent this year to make it easier for us to run more dramatic tent encounters - but that means we need more set-dressers. You’ll be part of a team creating the most intense encounters that we run in Empire - you’ll get to see behind the scenes and see some of the player’s reactions when they see what you’ve built.

Finally we need a few people to help us with our growing costume wardrobe and props store both at events and in between. The more help we can get sorting our costume and props the better the event we can produce for everyone. If you’ve got any skills with costume or props and are interested in contributing to the event then we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve created a page on the wiki to let people know about the roles we’re trying to fill. There is much more information about all these current opportunities here:

All our crewing roles are for volunteers - but you won’t pay for your tickets, we’ll feed you throughout the event, and there is a big crew party on the last day for everyone who is helping take the event down. Ultimately the real benefit of crewing is that you’ll be part of an amazing team of people and can take pride in your role in creating the Empire events that players love. You’ll be part of the biggest LRP event crew in the country (there are over 300 of us!), working with incredibly talented people, and hopefully have an amazing time.

If you’re interested then please get in touch by emailing our crew desk at and letting them know which roles you’re interested in.