Crewing/Monstering player events

I really want to do a lot more larp next year, mainly because I love wearing my larp kit and need excuses to buy a lot more of it.

I really want to find monstering opportunities for player events, I was wondering if there was much of a call for generic barbarian grunts at these sorts of events?

I would image they would need barbarians for some of the events how not all of them. There will be a few that are simply just for socialising and so and orc running in and trying to attack everyone would be a bit out of place. You could still see if you can help out with these. They may want people to play waiters or bouncers etc. but I can’t be sure.

This is a list of events: Player Events 2018/2019. It might be incomplete but I think this is a good place to start. Look at the events coming up and contact the people directly over face book or something. When you are next in anvil, if you are talking to someone OOC, maybe inquire about it. You can get nice bits of information waiting in the queues to get food, you just have to be willing to be friendly.

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Yes most player events that have story/plot want monsters/ crew, and in many cases you either can do that for free, or just for the cost of food or similar.

Just ask the organisers of each event, and be prepared to talk about what you have in the way of kit, and what you are comfortable doing at the event.

The player event list linked above is the most compete list of Empire events.

if you’re happy to go further afield most systems will be happy to have additional monsters, just be prepared to read and digest their combat rules and you should be welcome almost anywhere.


You just missed one! Nemesis a few weeks ago had loads of barbarians. The majority of player events tend to have more friendly NPCs than enemies to fight, and some are socials with no call for crew at all, but the majority need some crew.

It is not impossible that there might be a Nemesis 2 next year, which would definitely need a load of barbarian grunts :slight_smile:

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Andy, we had players for that. The crew were cast as the civilised nation.

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