++ Crewing Vacancies ++

Hi folks - just a quick update to let people know about some of the new crew vacancies for anyone who is interested in joining the amazing Empire team. We are nearly four hundred strong these days - but we’re always looking for the right people to join us!

Red Hats - we keep buying more tents - and that means more people to put up and take down more tents. There’s also a lot of packing away to do after the event - as the red hats do most of the work clearing the site. We particularly need more people for take-down - the more hands we have for take-down the quicker everyone can go home - so please only get in touch if you’re up for working hard on the Monday afternoon.

Litter Pickers - as the event continues to get bigger and bigger it’s getting harder for us to litter pick the site after the event. The overwhelming majority of our players are amazing and faithfully clear their rubbish up after an event - for which we are very grateful. But there’s always bits and pieces missed - so we have to walk every inch of the 90 acres just to get in those last little bits.


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