Crossbow Bolts

Do they require nocks? I just bought a bunch of bolts off ebay but none of them do.


Acid test is, Can you fire them from your crossbow?

The not-very-helpful answer is that it depends on your crossbow. Some crossbows require nocked bolts, in which case you need to buy nocked bolts for it. Others (especially those with bungee-cord firing mechanisms) are actually more dangerous if you use a nocked bolt in them, so you should buy bolts without.

Of the 3 i have, 2 of them are unable to use nocks. One is a hopper-fed, lever-action repeater, the other just a standard type. I probably should have phrased the question better, my bad :unamused: what I was really meaning to ask was if a crossbow does not had the capabilty to use nocks would it still be usable? I’m assuming from your replies that the answer to that is quite possibly, which is good :smiley:

What sort of requirements does a crossbow have to fulfil in order to be allowed to be used at empire? I’m just wondering if I might be able to get my repeater to pass the weapon testing… That would be a brutal weapon to have methinks :smiling_imp: … n_checking

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Interestingly, the weapons check rules state that arrows AND bolts must have nocks, but I have seen plenty of crossbows at Empire that should not use nocked bolts (at least on the traders stands - not being a combat character in my current incarnation I haven’t paid much attention to the ones being carried around by PCs…)

Might be worth clarifying via email - I don’t think PD deliberately set out to bar bungee crossbows by not allowing the bolts for them, but it’d be worth checking before you bring something to the event that you won’t be allowed to use.

For the record, I have not seen any repeating crossbows at events (again, not definitive as I don’t really pay that much attention IC being a non-combatant). However, there is nothing in the rules that says you can’t have one, provided it gets past weapons check. I suspect this is more down to the fact that they are harder to obtain than they were 10 or even 5 years ago, rather than anything in the rules/setting which would disallow them, but again check with PD for an offical ruling before you cart it half way around the country…

Yeah, I have only ever seen one LARP repeating crosbow other than my own, and that had specially made bolts which i dont think would fit with the majority of rules for the size of the heads. It took a fair amount of effort for me and a friend to work out how to get it to all work without causing jams and such, as well as ensuring the damn bolts fell into the place they were meant too :stuck_out_tongue:

Interestingly, the combat page, which lists the dimensions of all the melee weapons doesn’t seem to have anything to say about how big missile weapons must be. The weapons check rules specify the maximum poundage, and I’m sure I’ve seen a “no hand crossbows” reference before, but any sizing requirements for crossbows isn’t obvious…

“All missile weapons require both hands to shoot”

In the Marksman skill description - that’s the bit that bars hand crossbows, but AFAIK that’s as specific as it gets…

I have a double-shot crossbow which (back before E1) Matt did say I would not be able to use in its current configuration- I’d need to only load one bolt at a time, or dismount one of the arms so it went back to effectively being a single-shot crossbow.

[quote=“Anwar”]“All missile weapons require both hands to shoot”

In the Marksman skill description - that’s the bit that bars hand crossbows, but AFAIK that’s as specific as it gets…[/quote]

Ah yes. Well spotted.

Indeed. You explicitly can use an old Arrowkaster pistol crossbow, both hands on it. This is basically because crossbows are cool, physreps are expensive, and therefore we get more crossbows if you can use any. However, you don’t get the advantage of crossbow and shield/sword/etc as a combination.

Not to raise this fully from the dead…

So basically a lever action (or magazine) fed crossbow would not be kosher, and would have to be loaded with single shots?

Just wanted official confirmation… and then off that line, what would the stance be on a repeater mounted on a small cart (deliberately cumbersome) like a small repeating ballista? One of those things that came up in conversation we couldn’t find an answer to.

I believe single shot only has been our consistent call for handheld crossbows, but you could email to check that if you like.

I personally would assume that if the repeating ballista is sufficientlly large and cumbersome, the cool factor outweighs any potential balance issues, but I don’t make that call and you should definitely email it in if you’re strongly considering building such a weapon.