Crossbow use, issue with arm

I’m aware that crossbows are used with two hands. However due to disability I cannot hold the stock with my off hand. Could I simply rest the crossbow on it when firing? I just want to know before I make/buy a crossbow. Also does anyone know what the rule is about max draw weight?

According to the weapons check page, crossbows are limited to a 30lb draw same as bows.

Not sure on the disability issue but if you need an official call you need to email pd directly.

Interesting issue, I’d recommend having one modified to your spec with a sling, allowing you to safely stow it and potentially (depending on design) use the sling to partially support the weapon like on certain types of sniper rifle. Would reduce strain on you as well.

I was planning on constructing it to fit the stock so it rested on my arm as I want minimal fuss. Or I could be killed trying to get a shot lined up :smiley:

As you’re playing a Leaguer… Umbra Armouries have made a double crossbow, could help with cool factor and intimidation on the field.

I can’t see why resting the crossbow on your off-arm would be a problem. As long as you aren’t holding anything in that hand at the time (like a buckler or weapon, but I imagine it’s unlikely to be an issue?). The idea, as I read it, is that crossbows are meant to be heavy-duty weapons of war, thus pistol crossbows and one-handed shooting are not permitted.

Of course for a definitive call you want to e-mail

Please note that as far as I’m aware, our standard call on double-crossbows has been that you have to load them between firings, and can’t use both barrels at once.

My belief on the core question here is that it should be absolutely fine. The point of the rule is to disincentivise pistol crossbows, which isn’t an issue here. However, empire.rules is the correct place to get a formal clarification.