Hi I’m thinking of picking up a crossbow, bolts and other necessary bits and pieces for using them for my next character.

Does anyone have any places they’d recommend buying them from?

Also does anyone have advice for how to use them on the battlefield or on smaller quests?


Not a crossbowman myself but I’d suggest joining the Empire LRP: Archery group on Facebook if you haven’t already, and asking there :slight_smile:

Umbra Armoury do crossbows. They are £75 quid…I think. He will fix it within reason if it breaks and usually has some for each event.

You can ask PD what they think of them as they have a few for crew.

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If you choose one that can shoot full-sized arrows, you’ll have a lot more scope for scavenging and shooting back the ammunition that the enemy shoots at you.
(There are obvious downsides as well, of course.)