Current Empire Terratory

Is there a map anywhere of what territory the Empire currently holds and what is held by which barbarians?

the wiki is out of date in quite a few places (e.g Reikos is not owned by the Druj anymore as per what the wiki says) so just want to make sure that i can get up to date information.

Right now no, the wiki will get updated over the next few months once PD have had the chance to collapse post event and sleep the sleep of the dead :slight_smile:.

You might find some players out there will produce some updated “tactical” maps over the winter but give them time too :slight_smile:.

The wiki will be accurate for just before the last event.

I believe the Druj still hold most of Reikos, though.

I think technically most of Reikos is “not imperial” now, can druj corpses claim to be holding land? :smiley:

But the technical ownership is right on the Wiki, Imperial control doesn’t extend over most of the territory as at Autumn Equinox, and won’t until territory gains are assessed at Winter Solstice (ie until the winds of war are released)

A couple of times a year I produce an official tactical map showing the common knowledge of the Empire and surrounding territories. The bottom one on this page. … erritories

It’s not as up to date as some player-produced maps but it has the advantage of being guaranteed to be accurate (for the date shown). As you can see, this one is missing a lot of the newer Jotun/Lasambrian lands recently “discovered” by the Empire. I probably should do another one. I do struggle to keep up with the speed of the changes though, and working out what knowledge is ‘public’ and what should still be left in the hands of the players who discovered it is sometimes tricky, so I err on the side of caution.

An excellent up to date IC version of this map (NOT guaranteed error free :wink: ) is usually found on the back page of the Pledge newspaper.

There is a substantial difference between territories being “named” and being added to the map. At present, I believe that neither of the Lasambrian territories have spy networks, let alone maps in the field. Frankly, there’s going to be a difference between the overview map of Otkadov and detailed mapping of the sub-territories (like Skuld or Verthandi).

Readily-available information which I believe the Wiki either reflects now or will later be updated to reflect (based on the Gazetteer)…

  • The Brass Coast owns 100% of Feroz, Kahraman, Madruga and Segura.
  • Dawn owns 100% of Astolat, Semmerholm and Weirwater.
  • Highguard owns 100% of Casinea, Necropolis and Bastion.
  • The League owns 100% of Sarvos, Temeschwar, Tassato and Holberg.
  • The Marches own 100% of Mitwold, Upwold and Bregasland.
  • Navarr own 100% of Miaren, 4/5 of Hercynia (Vallorn 1) and 5/7 of Therunin (Vallorn 2).
  • Urizen holds 100% of Morrow, Zenith and Redoubt.
  • Varushka owns 100% of Karov, Meikarova and Volodmartz, as well as 6/7 regions in Karsk (Thule 1).
  • Wintermark owns 100% of Kallavesa and Hahnmark, as well as 6/7 regions of Sermersuaq (Thule 1).
    … I heard a rumour that the Imperial Orcs now own 100% of Skarsind.

In addition, the Empire owns 1 region in the Barrens (Natives X, Druj (9-X) and ??? 1), 3 regions of Reikos (Druj 4), 1 region in Mournwold (Jotun 6), 2 regions in Broceliande (Vallorn 5) and 2 regions in Liathaven (Valorn 2, Jotun 3, Millwall 0), Empire owns 1 region in Spiral (Grendel 6).
Note that while some of the above have historical association with specific Nations, it doesn’t matter much until the Senate gets to assign it.

Vote Varushka for ownership of the Mourn! :wink:

Exactly. That’s why I err on the side of caution. Even though my map is territory-level only, how the territories border each other has significant strategy implications. Hence I wait for any spying that’s been done to be well and truly wikified before adding it to any official wiki maps. Or until Matt/Andy tells me to.