Curry Knights Thanks!

Hi All,

It was great being back at Empire for Event 1 serving up Curries and Pancakes (and sometimes together!). We hope everyone enjoyed their much needed sustenance!

Due to commitments elsewhere I will be on my own for event 2 and so will be providing a reduced service of Pancakes only, sad I know, but hey, we have a much expanded Specials Board to contend with!

We should be back to full service for Event 3 this year!

Again, Many Thanks and I will see you soon!


Thank you, you made my favourite meals out of everyone on site, and I am only sorry that you kept selling out so I couldn’t eat more of the lovely veggie curry!

I love Curry Knights so so much and I am so happy you are coming back to E2. I will buy your pancakes. Gleefully.

Worst news! Worst news!

However, it will be good to have you nonetheless.

Another vote of thanks for truly excellent curry.