Curry Knights Thanks

Hi All,

As you may have realised that Curry Knights is not on the list of caterers for PD as shown in the post in January listing the new caterers for 2017. Unfortunately our pitch was not renewed as we are only now able to commit to 1 event a year (July) as all others are in term time (I’m a full time teacher too).

It has been a great ride being a larp caterer and I have whole heartedly enjoyed running the kitchen and supplying high quality curries, rice and pancakes in field. I’m going to miss the pancake specials board and the late night bar deliveries and of course our wonderful regulars!

Feel free to post your best memories so I can swim in the nostalgia! You never know, one day Curry Knights might be back with a Pancake Party!

Many thanks


I’ll miss you, I loved the curries and the pancakes!

If there’s a pancake party, let me know! :smiley:

That’s a real shame: I enjoyed your food a lot, and it was also often the best vegetarian option by a long way.

Thank you for the times you’ve fed me, especially of an evening when everywhere else was closed.
A real pity the timings don’t work for you now.

Thank you very much for the many times you have provided many delicious veggie options and been massively accommodating by giving tasters ahead of purchase. Will really miss your presence in the field.

Aww, will miss you and your burners, Khurram (but I understand your reasons). You were a great source of quick, hearty meals that could easily be carried around - the three-pepper pancake was my personal favourite. Curry in a pancake was an experiment I don’t regret, too, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it to others, due to the mess :smiley:

Live well, and maybe see you in a field again some time.