Curses and Refs

Disclaimer: This is not a complaint or even a suggestion of rules modifications, I’d just like to discuss a problem I had and might well have again to see if anyone has any good ideas.

To deliver a curse [or a poison] someone has to be followed by a ref.
Now I agree that having a ref required is by far the best way to handle these situations, but it can cause problems.

I play as a militiaman.
My example:
I was hanging around at the back of a trial when person A came up at a run asking for person B. They were ‘acting suspiciously’. Someone told them where person B could be found and they ran off in that direction. And then I saw the ref, trying to keep up. And I thought curse. {and as it happened I was right.}
So a choice: do I chase them, which is somewhat metagaming; or not, which means ignoring my legitimate suspicions?

Oh and I know cursing is not necessarily illegal but it can lead to impetuous reactions.

And that was quite a minor incident but it could be a ref following a poisoning attempt.

Discuss :slight_smile:

If you’re already suspicious, you’re already suspicious :slight_smile:.

People can be followed by refs for a variety of reasons; refs sometimes just follow people for anti-metagaming purposes if they’re randomly walking the field anyway; if you are wanting to poison / curse / stab up someone and you’re worried about this effect, a stealth ref can often be provided (but it’ll take them a little longer to get ready to go).

I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying over and second-guessing it; you obviously shouldn’t act on just the sight of a ref, but otherwise, do whatever you think will be most entertaining :slight_smile:.

As a ref in another system, it was quite common for me to ask people to kit up as iconic badass monsters and hang around in the OOC area (visible from the time-in area) for a bit, then de-kit and go do something else, basically to inoculate the player base against exactly this sort of reaction. For quite a while the final encounter of our linears would traditionally have the whole rest of the monster team hiding just visible around the corner displaying the OOC I’m-not-here gesture, whether or not there were waves of respawns coming in.

It was like at Maelstrom how for a while every eidolon player knew who most of the fallen were because they behaved differently when going to GOD before materialising. We tried to stonewall it, but that shit gets hard.