Curses as a legal tool?

For crimes that deserve punishment, but don’t quite warrant execution or sorcery. Are curses ever handed out as a legal punishment? I know they are used as a sort of vigilante justice and contract enforcement tool, but could they ever be used in an official capacity?

They can be, I’m pretty sure they have been, but it’s rare.
Empire legal punishments normally go; fine, big fine, ‘try again next life’.

PS. Magistrates don’t hand out Sorcery as a punishment, that’s reserved for the Conclave.


As punishments curses tend to be handed out extra-judiciously.

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Would suggesting it be something that would just get me funny looks and laughed out of a room? Or would it be worth making something my character believes should be done and maybe campaigns for?
'Capital punishment is to far, but a fine doesnt do the crime justice, lets make the person feel reaaaalllly old for a year! :stuck_out_tongue:

Freezing brand would seem the obvious go to curse here.

This has been done, by Conclave rather than a Magistrate.

So, AliceBelfry, yes, you could get game out of arguing for it in specific cases, or arguing that it should be more common in general.

Yes, Freezing Brands have been commissioned by magistrates as part of a legal punishment.

I read a Spring court case once from Empire in which a guy was convicted of casting the Rivers of Blood Ritual. He managed to get off without charge though because it was only counteracting a Rivers of Life ritual already in effect, and the forest in question belonged to some orcs. I couldn’t tell whether the orcs were barbarians or if the court was just being racist XD.

They were the Great Forest Orc, technically allies. They cast RoL on a territory to “be helpful” but didn’t realize it would agitate the local valorn. RRR was cast to avert disaster.

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