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If you were targeted by a curse, and you were to cleave (with the intent to slow down) or paralyze the individual who was tasked with the ‘Pronouncement of Doom’ and then run. Would this be punishable via imperial law?

The receiver of the curse in this scenario would’ve been warned in advance that there was an active ‘Pronouncement of Doom’ being delivered to them.

It would probably be classed as assault, so maybe paralysis or entangle would be better choice?
Does a ref have to accompany the doomsayer to log the PID?

Yes, this is assault under Imperial law. Curses are perfectly legal; hacking a chunk out of someone isn’t.

Paralysis and Entangle both require a physical strike to cast, so these are also assault AFAIK.

Yes, a ref has to follow the mage around to correctly process the curse.

Neither paralysis or entangle (or venom, weakness, and repel for that matter) require a melee attack that inflicts a hit, they only require you to touch the target with an implement. Often this is done as part of an attack, but you can roleplay a light-touch that does not inflict a hit (which I don’t think would count as assault). Not everyone knows this, so they might take it as a hit anyway despite how the spell is delivered.

"To cast an offensive spell you must utter a few words of appropriate roleplaying including spell vocals while you strike or touch your target with a wand, rod or staff. You cannot cast an offensive spell without using a suitable implement.

If you deliver an offensive melee strike to touch the target with your implement then the target also loses one global hit. You should always assume that your opponent has wounded you in this way unless their roleplaying clearly indicates otherwise."

Honestly, The fine for an assault is a crown. I would hit with weakness and give them the crown and bugger off.

OC and IC I’m a bit perturbed in how some one can walk up and damage your prosperity/loyalty/ambition, or affect your own mental well being with little to no recourse or come back.
But if some one then defends them self from this… and attack is the only word I can come up with, They will have broken the law.

You can go to the conclave and and cry sorcerer but IC I have no idea about that (and only slightly more OC) and I could have a friendly priest try and bring recourse against them but this all involves other people doing things while the target is half mad/a coward/unable to sleep/ unable to cast rituals/no longer able to count/unable to move more than a walk ect ect.

Sounds like something you should raise with the Synod perhaps :slight_smile:


It is something I have been tempted by, but I would need to be directly/adjacently effected to get involved. I’m a simple surgeon/fighter and I leave magic to the montebacks and actors.
Talking the synod would be interesting and see what virtue says on the matter. Very much FOIP

I’ll happy have the IC chat about why IC.

But OOC, hitting someone with a sword is cheap and easy, most players have access to weapons, carrying them is pretty standard and hitting someone is economically free, assault law basically adds a cost to being a thug
Curses require at least getting a ref, performing 2 minutes of roleplay and at least 3 mana, and then finding your curse target. They have an inherent expense and if you fail you take the consequences. They also essentially create plot, in a way that scuffles on the street rarely do.

The legal system is explicitly built to protect cursers, almost certainly to encourage more of it. Cursing is one of the avenues of PvP PD are trying to promote.

“little to no recourse or come back”

Have you thought of cursing them?


Interestingly, providing you find your target, its really easy to deliver a pronouncement of doom. This is partly due to being able top perform a pronouncement of doom when you are debilitated (bleeding out, under Weakness, Paralysis, Entangle, etc) providing you are within touching distance of the target for a few seconds (long enough to shout “blah blah blah, I CURSE YOU”). Also, the touching distance is surprisingly long when you have a 7ft mage staff.

I’m not sure how you mean you have OOC issues with Curses. Its part of the game design as non lethal PVP. If they were flat out illegal they wouldn’t be used which would remove a huge amount of game for mages, conclave and synod when dealing with these grey areas of the law.


You only have to avoid the doomsayer for 15 minutes then it falls on the caster doesnt it? So if the doomsayer isnt a mage, the hall of worlds would stop them, or keep them stalled outside your tent with a wall of yeofolk while a “private” house meeting occurs, it might also give the ref a cheeky cigarette break. :smiley:
If you know your going to be cursed then you probably know who by and could raise an action that they are unvirtuous and a malcontent.

Just cleave (or impale for flavour) and then refuse to pay the court cost/claim clemency.

Hunted by militia for the rest of your characters life for added RP

Thanks for all the replies peeps! I like the different takes on what you’d all do. Very interesting.

The one who delivers the curse has to be one of the people involved in casting the ritual so they will be a mage. Hiding in the hall of worlds won’t work…unless you hit them with weakness first, in which case they can’t cast operate portal to get in.

If you hit them with weakness they can’t pronounce your doom anyway.

I guess I need to think of some virtue arguments for attacking a mage in defence.

My main reason for this thinking is I am looking at getting a “Hat” and I know I wont please everyone, and the amount of times the current Hat wearer gets cursed I need to prepare.

I know of the effect of weakness but the ritual has already been cast, so how can a simple spell put out a multi mana ritual?

I’m wondering this myself. Weakness "prevents the target from using any heroic skills, utilizing any enchantments, using any mana or activating any magic items that are not “always on” ".Delivering a pronouncement of doom is none of these things.

I’d email PD for clarification on Weakness and pronouncing doom.
Tapping someone for no damage to cast a spell most certainly can be assault, but the punishment will probably be less than if you hit them properly.
Assault is a minor crime but the fine is variable.

Unless you know who’s coming to curse you, any plan that relies on hitting them with a stick (be the stick WEAKNESS, PARALYSE, CLEAVE…) is probably going to come too late - unless you smack everyone that approaches you, which might interfere with being at Anvil. :wink:

I don’t think there’s a great deal you can do to prepare - each curse has methods of removal, but they tend to be more expensive than laying the curse in the first place. Curses are still an investment of mana and ritual power - someone has to think cursing you is worth it to get it done.

I’m interested in which contentious Hat you’re looking to put on now…

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Hiding in the HoW could work

I mean if you are willing to spend the mana and can find a winter ritualist you could lock the Hall of worlds regio twice with Iron shutters :stuck_out_tongue:

At which point no one can get to you …

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