Cutlery and safety

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I was eyeing a nice set of cutlery that you can attach to your belt. Are you allowed to walk around anvil with sharp stuff at your belt, or does that stay at the tent? I think sharing things like cups, etc might be problematic coming out of the current health crisis, so bringing stuff along makes sense.

Here is the set

Annoyingly I can’t find the rules, but I believe having cutlery is fine. I’m not sure if you could have it on your belt though, re: point 4 on the terms and conditions here.


The usual suggestion for camping tools like sheath knives, wood axes and the rest is that they stay in your camp, and are put away out of sight when you are not using them.

Having your own cup or tankard is great though, even prior to current arrangements, since larper flu is a thing much like fresher flu. Having your own set of cutlery is useful sometimes, depending on what you plan to eat, plenty of the for sale stuff is finger food or comes with recyclable cutlery, although there are discounts for bringing your own with some caterers. Hot water for washing up would have to be self created though so do bear that in mind.

Of course if you’re planning on self catering you’ll need a certain amount of kitchen equipment anyway.


Cheers for the clarification. What do I do to carry them to the food vendors? Is it then acceptable?

While dropping an email to will give you the best answer, I would say that if the knife is out of sight (so nobody could grab it by mistake if an IC fight kicked off around you) and wouldn’t hurt you/anyone if you fell or were pushed (again, it’s rare but you could get caught up in something IC) then it’s okay. In a decent sheath in a bag, it’s not going to cause you or others harm.

I still recommend emailing PD though, they can give you an official answer.


I would suggest taking kitchen safe cutlery only when walking around. You don’t generally need a sharp knife, mostly only a fork or spoon, as the catering that requires cutlery tends to go towards stew, rice and pasta dishes.
At least half the meals are cutlery free - burgers and other stuffed rolls, wraps, pizza, toasties. Otherwise stew in a bun, macaroni cheese, casserole, curry etc.


I’ve made my own one of those by making a sheath for an old table knife. I’ve managed to find wood handled and even silver plated butter knifes cheap at charity shops or clearouts. I reshaped it a bit with a dremel but left it with a rounded off end to avoid accidents.


Good idea! Will try that out

You’ll want to keep any actual knives peace-bonded and in a bag, not on your belt. Having it in a bag with the rest of your feast gear (ie cup/plate/bowl) stops you from accidentally taking a real weapon onto the battlefield. People get in a hurry to get to the Sentinel Gate and forget they have a sharp object on their persons and that can potentially lead to problems. Best to keep it in a bag with the rest of your feast gear.

I do have eating utensils like the ones you’ve shown, they are in a bag, within another bag, which is kept hidden when not in use, but it’s never on my belts.

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