Dates for 2018?

Do we have provisional dates for next year yet as I have to book holiday well in advance. Even a rough idea of which weekend would be useful as I may be able to change the dates later.

I wish… unfortunately dates don’t usually get organised until January time. You can go off of the dates done this year, as I think ‘last weekend in April’ is now the standard for E1 each year, while ‘mid September’ has been the agreed end point for some time. The others tend to roughly go in between.

But we won’t know for sure until officially told.

I don’t think we will get dates for some months yet, but you shouldn’t be too far wrong if you go based on this years dates.

Middle/end of April, Middle of June, End of July, Middle of September.

The one that is likely to vary most is probably the first, due to Easter which is the 1st April 2018, the rest you can probably guess from a calendar.

(Updated to correct for E2)

It is worth noting that E1 is no longer held on the Easter bank holiday (not sure if you were intimating that), as the changable nature of the weather was causing too many people to avoid E1.

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E2 is also now the 2nd weeked of June, not late May bank holiday.

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Dates are normally confirmed around October. They are likely to be the same as this year.

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Last weekend of April sounds good, I’ll be paid by then :joy:

The dates for next year have just gone out in PDs most recent mass email.


Are these dates correct as i did not get an email

Email was sent on Sept 2nd. If you were registered on the website it should have come to you, but check your spam folder as the account sender is just labelled admin.

The dates should not change, they were officially confirmed.

Winter solstice looks goooooooood!