Dawn or The Brass Coast

Went to empire for the first time at E4 and enjoyed it, but I found I don’t really like the nation I joined now that I have actually been to a event, I did enjoy my time in Dawn and The Brass Coast, but don’t know what one to change to.

With Dawn, I like the whole frenco-athurian feel, as well as the fact that nobility is earned and is not a birth right and it gives me something to aim towards.

With The Brass Coast, I like the vibrant colours of there costumes, I also like that they are honest and like the background of the Brass Coast.

Any help or advice on choosing would be greatly appreciated.


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Welcome along!
Whatever you choose here, you’ll be with a colourful mob :slight_smile:

Think about a few things:
What sort of character you’d like to play, in either nation.
What they’d do on the field
What they’d do in a skirmish/battle (if at all)
What they’d do in downtime (if anything)
What group (s) you’d like to join
What costume you’d be able to produce (although bear in mind you’ve most of winter for that)

If you’re down to the choice of two, have a deeper read of their backstories etc on the wiki. Maybe also their more recent and focused Winds of War.

You’ve got the time, it’s a big decision, don’t make it quickly…

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What kind of character do you fancy playing and what do you think you’d have fun doing? In part this is because there are some roles that have loads of people doing them in one nation and few in the other, giving you more space to do your thing.

I would expect that any nation in the field would be open to your giving them a trial run, in character.

I am planning on playing a battle mage, but I am not sure what I would do when not fighting, I enjoyed hanging out and helping others complete there stuff but I am not sure what I want to do yet

Are you creating a new character or changing nations with your old character?

Creating a new one

If you can spare a point for a realm lore many covens will give you something to do in uptime :slight_smile:


Certainly reading your initial post it seems like you like what IS in the Brass Coast and What might be possible in Dawn. Without anything else on your role and what you already have to hand that suggests you might have more fun with the Brass coast.

Kit wise i suspect the FB group would be the best place to look but a lot of stuff that looks suitable can be purchased all over the place :slight_smile: (Helpful i know!)