Dawning house names?

Super quick question.

Friends and I are making a new house. Wanted to be house ‘tall stag’. However looking at some of existing house names we are worried that most of them (except griffons bane) all sounded quite French/ Latin.

Would we be ok to call ourselves ‘tall stag’ or should we translate it?

I would translate it, personally. As you’ve said most Dawnish house names are either French or Latin.
If you haven’t already, you should take a look at the Dawn pages in the wiki on naming and character names.

In French, tall stag is “grand cerf”.

In Latin, “alta cervo”

Phonetically, I think graan-ZERF sounds a little better than the alternitive.

That said, “The House of the Tall Stag” is also pretty good.

Alongside Vexille, De Rondel, Tensiel and Orzel, Grandcerf would work…

It’s all in the context… :slight_smile:

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I like the sound of House Altacervo!


Alternatively moving towards Hart, which is a English term for a stag of over 5 years old might help with the feel. (That it might allow Shakespearian word play in the field is an added bonus.)

Tall strikes me as somewhat normal for a term for a Dawnish House, Grand or Great seem more Dawnish adjectives.


House High Hart? (Pun implied)

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House of the Looming Hart

House of the grand stag

lots if ways you can take it

Thanks for all the sujestions everyone. But having talked to the other members of the house. They all had their hearts set on ‘tallstag’. So unless someone outright says that they shouldn’t or can’t go by that name. It seems that is their choice.

If you add an e and make it Tallestag that feels far more Dawnish to me.

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That feels like a compromise I could convince them of.