Dawnish soft kit

As a Wintermarker who is considering jumping ship to Dawn, with an eye on Glory and nobility (Shhh… don’t tell Wintermark, its a secret), I’m going to require some nice new kit. Armour isn’t a problem- that’s covered, but I’d like something along the lines of a nice cotehardie or similar soft kit.

If anybody has any recommendations of makers/ stockists of Dawnish soft kit, it would be greatly appreciated.

Are you coming in as a new character or your existing one? It’s worth considering if you will be yeofolk or noble as that affects the costume considerably. Wearing appropriate heraldry is one of the easiest ways of looking super Dawnish.

Mytholon do a broad range of kit that can be ideal for Dawn, I noticed several nobles (myself included) wearing one of their shiny damask tunics last event. That is also where I bought my heavy canvas surcote for my knight-errant last year.

Cloaked and Daggered are another favourite of mine for Dawn/Marches style kit. Made to measure so you might not get it by the event, but they’re likely to have a good chaperon style hat in stock.

Existing character. I’m thinking it will be more fun that way, generating RP and whatnot, plus I do have a fair investment of xp/ resource in this character. Going for a knight errant vibe, with a view to identifying a house I wish to join and undertake a Test of Mettle.
Hung around Dawn a bit at E2 this year (mainly at the bar), spoke to people, listened to songs, had a word with Egregore- may well repeat the process at E4 and make a proper decision.

Thanks for the kit pointers…