++Deadlines and ticket prices++

A few important OOC announcements!

==Deadlines and Ticket prices==
We are increasing our adult ticket prices on the 13th February by £5. We haven’t changed our prices since the start of 2018, but we are facing some significant increases in costs this year. As always we guarantee not to increase prices again for the next two years at least.

We are very conscious that many of our players are also facing some huge cost-of-living challenges in the near future. Therefore we’ve taken the decision that we will increase the concession discount by £5 at the same point. This means that anyone who is eligible for a concession will continue to pay the same price going forwards.

You can of course still avoid the price rises this year by booking your tickets now! No prices will change before the 13th so any 2022 tickets or open tickets that you book before then will be at current prices.

The 13th February is also the deadline for early booking for the first Empire event. You need to make sure that you have booked the event by this date to book to get the cheapest price if you haven’t already done so. If you order your tickets after this date then you will have to pay the late ticket price, as well as the ticket price increase.

You can book and pay online at any point. Please pay by bank transfer or standing order if you can - as that is much better for us! (You can still pay by bank transfer on the day of the deadline, provided you send payment before the deadline).
If you have sent payment by bank transfer in the last few days - don’t worry that we haven’t received it yet. We’ll receive and process your payment as normal over the next few days. It takes us a day or two to process the payments.

==Tent bookings==
I’m pleased to say that we’re finalizing the list of tents we have for hire and we plan to make them available on the website at 6pm on the 13th February. Unfortunately there was no way to roll over tent bookings, so if you booked a tent in 2020, that booking was cancelled and the charges removed from your PD account. That means everyone who wants to use a PD tent in 2022 will need to use the website on the 13th to try and book a tent.

Please bear in mind that most of the larger tents book out very quickly. In a matter of minutes, everything but the bell tents will be gone. Prices start from £120 for a bell tent for the event.

==Open Tickets==
Well over a thousand players still have open tickets that they haven’t used yet. Please do use your open ticket to book the event if you are coming, otherwise you will get charged the admin charge of £10 for using your ticket on the gate. We don’t want anyone to get charged! We want you to book in advance because it’s miles easier for us to make all the packs at once. It takes much longer to make each pack individually at the event, so please book online if you are coming to the event.

Please don’t assume you are booked for the event just because you have an open ticket. You need to go to the website and allocate the open ticket to an event to be booked. If you have an open ticket then click here (https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/account/openticket?22) to use it.

==Camp Planning==
For those who are new to Empire there is one or more camp planners whose job it is to lay out the IC camp for each nation. If you’re bringing any IC tents to the event then you need to make contact with the camp planners and let them know what you’re bringing with you. Then they can create a map for each nation showing where each tent is going.

Camp planning is really important – it lets us lay out a good site that works for the event and provides the access we need for emergency and service vehicles. It’s also crucial in helping us try to identify who needs additional support for things like CPAP machines. We’ve created a new wiki page to explain how camp planning works (https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Camp_planner), and included pictures of our camp planners to make them easier to find on the day.

We’ve also taken the decision to make all our camp planners full time members of crew. Camp planning started out as a voluntary thing completely organized by the players but its grown over time and become more and more integrated with PD’s event planning. By making all the camp planners members of crew, it removes any confusion about their role and what authority they have and also is an appropriate reflection of the huge work they do to support the event. We’ve added Profound Decisions email addresses for all our camp planners, so that people who don’t use facebook can get hold of them easily.

In common with many of our site team, although our camp planners are crew they are all players during the event. Previously a few members of the team helped with security and other jobs during the event, but we’ve simplified and clarified the role. Once the event begins, they are just like every other participant who is playing the game. In an emergency any member of crew can try to direct you to the most suitable member of our event crew who can help, but the best place to get help is usually your nation egregore, or a wandering referee, or to ask at GOD.

Finally we have three new camp planners this year, Trizz Eder who is taking over camp planning in the Brass Coast, Tom Keeley who is stepping up for the Imperial Orcs and Dave Barnett who is covering Varushka. Thank you to all our camp planners, old and new!