Dealing with the Grand Conjunction

There’s been a lot of discussion about the forthcoming conjunction on the Facebook page. Of course this affects Urizen a lot, with our focus on magicians and astronomy.

Fortunately, there is no need to panic! Halcyon Spire - the original institution for treating Wanderer-related effects - is on hand to help with the problem. Director Kyra will be present at the summit to take care of anyone affected. And we welcome new patients. :wink:

Speaking both as an Urizeni and a member of the Unfettered Mind:

“YOU STAND ON THE THRESHOLD OF HISTORY”. It’s like seeing Halley’s Comet going past on Friday the 13th of December in the year of Our Lord 999.

Treating magical insanity - especially when linked to the Wanderer - is the express purpose of our group. Sadly, for OOC reasons I can’t be at the event to play Eudaemon (the Arbiter), but we will be putting in extra effort to ensure that everyone is cared for properly, with their best interests at heart.

And Iulian, I love the way you put that…

Clearly the IC explanation for non-attendance is the conjunction…

Ostensibly it’s the paperwork burden. But the conjunction probably doesn’t help…

Remember, ‘paperwork burden’, not ‘naked, covered in chutney and howling at the sky’.

What if the paperwork burden is increased by some person (here unnamed) being found naked, covered in chutney and howling at the sky…?

I am going to be gutted if someone at the event is not found naked, covered in chutney and screaming at the sky.

It’s as much fun to type as it is to read, who knew?

It could be an emotional traumatic wound, and depending on who the recipient is could be more traumatic for all concerned too.

Personally I like that given sufficient stimulus (an Arbiter being captured by Orcs) all of Urizen prepared itself to make the heavens blink* so we could mount a rescue via giant moth and or/gryphon.

Granted we were told it wouldn’t actually work so we switched to immediately petitioning two heralds and in the end they were returned to mock us, but it was still a marvelous bit of roleplay. As far as I’m concerned IC we were all going to try anyway. :smiley:

*Or in the less poetic terms “We’re going to tell the conjunction to piss off!”

So Proud of my nation <3

Staring at the stars, seeing who would blink first. :laughing: