Death IC, and coming back


Hi I have a friend who is, as soon as they are 18, going to go to the bar, inevitably get half drunk and get in a bar fight, IC of course, but her character is a battlemage and will probably die. We had the great thought that was, could you attend your own funeral as a different character? Also how do you change character mid game?


Attending your own funeral is a lot of fun. When your character dies, you report it to GOD, at which point you’re free to make a new character. If you’re planning to die, it’s wise to plan for being a new character, meaning you oughta bring a solid idea and some kit for them.

I died in a Sunday battle and was offered the choice to continue without a proper character for the rest of the event, just as long as I still looked appropriate on the IC field without being confused for my old character. For funsies I stripped down to base layers and went to my group’s tent to beg for a cloak so I could watch them hear the news and mourn me, tucked away in the corner.

It’s also totally fine to gen a “burner” character if you die nearer the start of an event, playing quite a similar character with a few pieces of borrowed kit to look different enough. You can always retire them yourself on the website and prep a better thought-out character between then and next event.

Worth baring in mind though, the Forge is more Prancing Pony than Mended Drum. Not many drunken barfights escalate to death in Anvil (and I haven’t personally heard of any drunken barfights, personally, though I’m sure they happen).


Fighting while drunk (by which I mean drunk OC, i.e. IRL) is a big no-no. Bar fights are not that common in Empire, and I would heavily discourage anyone coming to the game with the idea that starting a bar fight is a good idea. Most of the bars at Empire would take a very dim view of fighting, as they usually take place inside small, enclosed tents with a lot of people.

See the event safety guides; the last bullet point.

Apart from that, attending your own funeral is fine, but sometimes a little odd. Separating a new face form the one you’re mourning can be jarring; when we’ve lost members of our group the players tend to keep a low profile for at least a few hours so the other players can mourn the lost character in peace.

Creating a new character at an event, or changing characters, is easy enough. You go to the GOD tent and use the computers there.


Okay thanks, I will probably be in the corner hoping that no-one notices that I am wearing full combat gear and have a hand on my sword


First I’m going to say the boring sensible bits, just in case you haven’t had to deal with a drunk person before. If you have then I’m sorry for saying this, if you haven’t then I hope you don’t find it too annoying.

The thing with empire is sometimes it is a little too easy to get drunk. I recommend that you have an arrangement with her where she doesn’t get drunk both nights and then on the night she does get drunk make sure either she has a friend or that she doesn’t leave the bar she is in so you can come back and find her. In the real world, people will usually stay in one pub but in anvil it is a lot easier to wander.

You can limit her intake by finding a more expensive tavern but if you think she is going to drink a set amount and there is no stopping her then ask around about slightly cheaper taverns so it doesn’t hurt her coin purse to much.

It can be quite difficult dealing with a drunk friend and sometimes they will do things they will regret. Anvil (as you may or may not know) can be quite difficult to traverse especially in the dark and in the mud. There is also the problem with having a hangover for the next day which can lessen the fun. Usually it is best to do it on the Saturday evening as the Sunday is a little bit quieter. You will also have to take the mornings battle into account as well.

The fun thing is, if she gets too much to handle IC then you can just get someone to cast paralysis on her.

If she is going to turn up to her own funeral, I think all you really need is a reason. It would be quite strange if some stranger turned up but if she is a friend or family member, that might make more sense. Of course if it makes sense that strangers would be allowed to come along then it should all be fine.


Setting aside the fact that, as mentioned, fighting while drunk is not ok by event safety guidelines or by the game’s social contract, it’s quite hard to get killed in a bar fight IC. There will usually be plenty of people on-hand ready to stop a character from bleeding out.


Yep thanks for the advice, I can probably make her stop drinking by threatening to kill her character, as this would annoy her and she would stop, I’m pretty sure she knows her limit as well


You have given me a mental image of a someone shouting things like ‘I’m going to go and fight all of dawn at the same time’ and then their friend drawing their sword, putting it to their throat and saying ‘I think that is quite enough for one evening’.

Another way is to make her stop is to get her to think that you have got her a quest and then get her to follow you back to her tent and then just reveal her quest is sleeping so she can get up in the morning. If she complains too much then just offer her a few rings.

I am glad to hear though that she knows her limit but remember that she will be in anvil and limits there seem to end up only being there for people to test. (Sometimes, I mean there are certain limits that aren’t pushed but I wanted to have a cool ending to my response).


So to sum up don’t get drunk and going to your own funeral is fun


Also yes


Being drunk is like deciding to leave the house without your keys. It can be quite liberating and you suddenly have less to worry about it but if everyone did it and too often then things would go wrong, so by all means, get drunk but not too much and probably not both of you at the same time otherwise you may spend the night trying to convincing the other you are the sober sensible one and end up doing something unwise like running into the Orc camp and saying something they wouldn’t like,


To add to this, don’t fight in the battle on Saturday, drink heavily that night and then be too hungover to monster on Sunday, that’s just plain douchey.


To be fair, anyone stumbling drunk into the Glory Square and challenging all of Dawn will either get met by one sober knight (who will trounce them, get them patched up, and sit them in the corner drinking water for a bit, in admiration for an act of raw courage and stupidity) or a succession of likewise drunk knights, who will be desperately trying to fight safely, and all end up wiggling their weapons at each other or falling about…

Fighting while drunk is unsafe, m’kay.

Fighting while pretending to be drunk is far more entertaining.

My character died Saturday morning E2. I played a rather disposable yeoman for the rest of the event, in a plain shirt and sans all obvious bling and character stuff. I attended my own funeral as a dead body (people say such nice eulogies), and stayed low-profile the rest of the time.


I now want to see the weapon wigglers of dawn.

I agree that fighting while drunk is unsafe. Doing lots of things while drunk is unsafe. Sometimes sitting down can be hazardous.


If you happen to be sat in the corner of a bar, fully tooled up for war with loads of weapons… you are going to look at little odd. Not to mention likely uncomfortable if you are doing it for an extended period of time!


I have always loved the idea of bar brawls and misunderstandings getting out of hand,
I would suggest you try and schedule something oc first.
Have your killer aware of it first. Just so they will actually kill you not mealy run you through.
It’s also dangerous for the killer as they will likely get hunted down for it and killed them selves.
As said above fighting while drunk is like a small clown. Its not big and its not funny.
Now, fighting while acting drunk is great fun. Hammed up sways and shuffling steps, Over the top belches when hit. As long as its clear your acting as a drunk then rock on.


Also, my character died last event (it was 4 years old, sniff). Some nations have a day of the dead festival next event. Maybe worth sorting something out for that?


The person I have been talking about gave me a challenge today, it was to go to the middle of the dawn camp and shout ‘all the dawnish are bastards’. If I survive (0% chance) I get 70 thrones if I die, my next character who I have planned to be a relative of my current character, will be paid 40 thrones of compensation. She probably won’t be able to pay but I don’t care, it will be fine because she will die with me


I think you need to read up a little on the kind of game Empire is. Running into Dawn and yelling something offensive might sound funny, but it will probably not get you any game. You probably won’t even get attacked, as 99% of Anvil’s citizens are law-abiding and assault is illegal.


I am so getting 70 thrones for this