Death IC, and coming back


You realise 70 thrones is more money than most large groups see in a year, right?


Pretty sure that’s not even possible




Yeah, most characters get income equivalent to about a throne a season, so 70 is about a twenty-person group’s annual income.

That said, walking into Dawn clearly looking for a fight is a decent way of getting beaten up.


What you could do instead is go into the glory square and challenge everyone to a battle of words. This would probably be more fun for everyone. If you want to make some money for it, have a friend go round selling food and drink while you do this. If you do particularly well, then maybe say you will return but try and have it so people have to buy tickets or something.


Seventy thrones for an hour uptime character? That sounds like a con, and a really bad idea of your next character just automatically inheriting cash. Why should a dawnish player risk their character to kill a total stranger? It’s extremely unlikely to happen beyond them eventually committing assault.

Im all in favour of the hard edge of PVP, but its got to have meaning in the setting. Random murder for no reason is just dull.


Do this in the navarr camp and there is a good chance your character will simply never be heard of again.


At the end of the day doing something “For the lolz” is probably a bad motivation in-character. Walking into any camp and mouthing off will probably just result in someone coming over and asking you to justify your insult, which you will probably struggle to do as it’s “just a prank”. Which will lead to no RP. Do things for a good reason, not for stupid bets.


A lot of the ideas sound fun. And you’ve tried to give good reasons, such as money or give money to your brother/twin if you don’t survive.
I’d question if that what your charcter wants to do. Some of the ideas verge on the edge of ‘disposable’ characters. Characters you make for fun who don’t care about themselves or anything, cause issues/do somethign illegal then die and come back as a similar character. In some cases just making a character to do something illegal, getting killed and being like oh well.
Obvioulsy coming back as a similar/near identical character is fine, espically with people who’ve only had one or two events to play the chacter is fine. And I’m sure you wouldn’t do anything of the sorts its more your characters egging each other on and bigging each other up, which is fun and can make for intersting game.
It’s more the kind of ‘disposable characters’ can ruin peoples game, or more waste time for the Militia. The same way, if people agree OC to kill one of them IC, one of them is dead and gets a new charcter while the other is left, dealing with the mess and suffering the consequences, but this is turn causes a lot of issues for the militia.
Obviously these are just opnions and your character can do what they want, they can even die in a great quest in Downtime if you want. A lot is how you want to play it, but also how it may effect the others on the field and will it make good game or not.
I think you’ll be able to get a better ‘feel’ of the game when you’ve been a few times, it might not be as you expect, but anyway hope you have fun and enjoy it :slight_smile:


I agree strongly with almost all of that.

The only point where I disagree is based on this bit of law:

There is a traditional defence to an assault charge which applies where unwelcome visitors who refuse to leave your camp are cut down, removed from camp and then provided with sufficient medical assistance to avoid permanent injury.

from the page

So, I imagine a likely Dawnish response might be to start by ignoring the rude character as being contemptible, then if the annoyance continues, tell the character to go away, and then (if that doesn’t work) a bunch of them might cut the noisy oaf down, cleave or impale a leg, heal up to one hit-point, then drag the impudent trespasser out of camp before going back to whatever they wanted to be doing.