Dedicated Priest without Dedication

I’m attending my first game in a while as a new character, a priest, and had a quick question about the dedication mechanic. While I’m interested in the synod political game, I have no real interest in the priest skills. However, I want to be dedicated to the pride virtue. To be a member of the Pride assembly, do I just need to find a priest to dedicate me to pride in-game, or do I NEED to possess the dedication skill? Thanks in advance.

The former, you do not need the skill. To be in a Virtue assembly you need a Dedication mark on your PC’s soul.

The skill lets you apply Dedications. Any human PC can receive a Dedication.


Excellent, thanks for clearing it up!

Anyone can become Dedicated but to start with a dedication you will need the Dedication Skill. To quote: “By taking the dedication skill, you can also choose to begin play dedicated to one of the Seven Virtues.”

It will cost you a single dose of Liao to become dedicated in the field, the help of a willing priest of Pride and a ref or a short trip to GOD to record the change.

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Doing it in play is a lovely way of getting into the game and a good way to build up connections.
Have a think about why your character would want to be dedicated, and why that Virtue, as the priest will almost certainly ask you why.

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Another thought is that in order to have votes in the Synod, you will need to take the congregation resource.

It is also possible to join in the game by simply attending Assembly meetings; my character has no congregation and no priest skills but she still turns up. She has no vote and no power, but sometimes being in the right place at the right time can mean you get involved in interesting things anyway.


I’ve done this (with Wisdom).

For the full duration of your first event, you’ll be a member of the Assembly of the Way as far as official Synod voting goes, but when I showed up going “hello I want to join your assembly when I’ve decided which of you is philosophically compatible enough with me to dedicate me” to Wisdom they were entirely happy for me to be involved in their discussions as a de facto member.

Assuming you get dedicated at your first event, you’ll be voting in the Assembly of Pride from your second event onwards.

IC it’s because what you’ve been doing in your congregation over the season is what decides it; OOC, I believe some of the motivation is to avoid some weird abuses where you repeatedly switch dedications to vote in multiple different Virtue Assemblies at one event.

Finally: the Synod is great! I love it dearly! I hope you do too!


Also it gets around the fact that a cardinal losing their dedication for two minutes should not trigger a new election for that period (since if it was based on your current dedication losing it would mean they were no longer a member of the relevant assembly and as such temporarily not a legal holder of their office.) Given that when this came up it was both the Cardinal of Courage and the Cardinal of Wisdom at the same time.


Oh the fun that was had with True Liao visions and excommunication, plus persuading your gatekeeper that you’re serious about wanting to be dedicated to the virtue of Courage afterwards :smiley:.