and Orcs.
Liao ceremonies affect orcs but they cannot perform them, or use liao themselves.
So does the dedication ritual work on them ? I assume it does but I think it could stand a clarification as the skill dedication [more accurately ‘dedication ceremony’] cannot be learned by orcs. So can they become dedicated to a virtue ?

Nope the Orc page says

“Orcs cannot use liao: An orc that consumes Liao feels dizzy and unwell, and often throws up shortly afterwards. They cannot learn or use any Religious skills, nor receive a vision from True Liao. They can be affected by religious skills that read auras and create roleplaying effects.”

If they could be affected by dedication then they would have called that out where it says what religious skills they can be affected by.

Indeed, good find.
But it just means that dedication has not been listed either as can be used or cannot.

Which is why I was I was asking for a clarification.

Best to email PD for a proper clarification. However, the set-up of the Synod (orcs can only be in the Assembly of the Way) indicates that orcs aren’t a valid target for Dedication.

Alternatively, you could try doing it on the field and see what happens…

Mark Wilkin is right. Possibly a ref will be along to put that in clearer terms shortly.

It’s turned out that the person being relied upon to clarify this is me, sadly. In the next day or so the text about orcs will be changing to explicitly indicate which ceremonies a(e)ffect them and which don’t rather than the current wishy-washy paragraph.

Dedicate definitely does not.