Details for E2 2016

We have updated the wiki with new information for the forthcoming event - the Spring Equinox. (

We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of laying out a temporary wood-chip road to run through the site for the rest of the season. This means that vehicles will now be able to drive through Anvil, provided they stay on the road. We have also been able to locate some additional parking close to the OOC camping fields for players who want to come and go during the event. Finally we have moved the crew camp, so that GOD, monster and other facilities will no longer be in the IC field.

We’ll have a pair of 4x4s with large trailers to help move heavy equipment a long distance from the road before and after the event.

The website is now open after the downtime - so if you want to move anything from your inventory or submit any arcane preparations before everything is booked out and put into packs for the event, you have until Friday to do so.

We look foward to seeing your all at the event!