When you say a mempo mask, is it very obviously Japanese inspired? If so it might be a little off-brief for the Navarr.


Yeah, I think the problem is that saying “costume stops at the ankles” has become really common now, and people are taking that as gospel.


Thanks :slight_smile: Looks like the mask will be just for aesthetics.

Ive got some old brown leather hiking boots and I’m gonna be making fur wraps for my ankles, so i think It should look pretty good :slight_smile:

Ive performed at open mic nights and gigs with my didge and guitar and sometimes percussion, but the didge definitely generates a lot more conversation because of its exotic nature. I also want to learn the mandolin before E1 cause I’ve got a very modern looking acoustic guitar that would not look good IC. Turns out even old half broken mandolins are mega expensive :frowning:


This is the mask, I would only want to wear it during combat

What you reckon?


Ah, that looks fine.


Honestly just go with an open mind and say yes to anything that interests you. Ask questions but most importantly just have fun.


Sounds good :slight_smile: Just listening to your other podcasts now, I’m on episode 5. I’ts a great insight to Empire, i’ve already learnt a lot. Thanks again.


Ah man you are motoring through it! We are all still a bit surprised that anyone listens to it. It means a lot to us that people are getting something out of it! Thanks for listening.


I’ve watched all the tabletop weekly LARP vids on youtube, and found them interesting and informative, but I wanted to find someone doing something similar but who was playing a Navarr character (I knew i was gonna play a Navarr within about 5 minutes of looking through the empire wiki).

So your podcast was a godsend to be honest, I’m very grateful to IWillGetThingsRong for guiding me towards it :slight_smile:


That looks like a fine mask, and I can even think of a good reason for it :slight_smile:

The Navarr background includes their hereditary enemy, the Vallorn, which is a toxic murderous jungle stuffed with nasties (in 10 words or less…). The Vallorn features nasty miasmas, toxic spores, and all manner of airborne problems…

If only there was a mask, worn by some Navarri, incorporating air filters and the like for trying to mitigate this…:slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what attracted you to Navarr?


That sounds cool as f***, but also sounds a bit like inventing new technology, which i think is forbidden. Unless there is some sort of magic or enchantment that could alter the mask. I don’t understand the game mechanics well enough to know if that would be possible or necessary for anything other than RP purposes. Could it have some sort of in game effect? I did hear something in one of the Tabletop weekly videos about someone enchanting a potato. But that may have been a joke.

I love nature and particularly plants and trees, so Navarr seemed like a good fit. From a pragmatic perspective, it seemed that a basic Navarri outfit might be a bit cheaper and easier for me to put together. I do a bit of hunting, so i’m planning on getting a few rabbit pelts to use.


Okay so there are a few things that may fall into this category. The first is that you can enchant items to make them magical. These enchantments will last a little while and then disappear unless you use a lot of illium to make them permanent. An artisan may attempt to make a new enchantment but I don’t know how they go about doing this. They may be able to make a head piece that protects you from poisons.

I don’t think you could enchant a potato if it is just a potato. It would have to be something that you could wear or use as a weapon and I don’t think you would be allowed to hit people with a potato. It may have been hallowed instead. This means it has been given an aura that has some role play effect. If it is a courage aura then you will feel brave when you touch it or are in its presence.

The other way you can create something new is through magic. If you have a lore in a certain realm then you may make an arcane projection for that realm as long as it fits in with the laws of magic and fits in with the theme of that realm. An arcane projection is a new ritual and could potentially give you such effects.

potions could probably give you resistance to poison however you can’t make new versions of these.

With actually making items, I think you can do what you like as long as it looks appropriate and is safe, for example, you could probably build a kite and bring that along but I don’t think you could bring along a model glider.

If you could work out a way of making a mask, perhaps like banes, that would be able to pump potions into you, an make it sort of working, with renaissance materials and methods (this would be the latest in history you could probably get away with having items from but not all of their items such as the musket).

To summon everything up, you have two ways of doing this, with practical, old fashioned methods or with magic. Both will be time consuming and costly however the practice way will probably cost you OOC and the magic way will cost you IC.


That’s a lot of food for thought. I think the mask probably is one of those things that i will have to wait till i attend an event to sort out, but i do like the idea of i having magical properties that have an actual in game effect.


I recommend you also look into the vallorn and their toxins during your next event as well. Not only will it give you something to do but it may also give you a better idea of how to deal with them. The spores may be big enough to be blocked out with a mesh, I don’t know. This may also be a good things to talk to PD about as I’m not sure how you would go about using something like that if it is simply just stops the spores from getting in.


I didn’t actually intend to imply any real mechanical effect or enchantment :slight_smile:

More just an in-game justification for the slightly unusual piece of equipment.

“Why are you wearing that mask, it doesn’t look very Navarri?”
“It’s a filtration mask for Vallorn spores.”
“Oh. That is indeed a very Navarr thing to be wearing. Although you can probably take it off at Anvil.”

Although there have been a few quests into Vallorn held lands where the Navarri and others are all in breath masks (of the bandanas across the mouth grade). And you’d look very professional in that.

I’m now thinking of the Ghibli film “Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind”, which features breath masks in a toxic jungle…


I still think it would be fun to have a mask that helps you deal with poisons. It would make fighting the druj a little safer as well. Other than that, I don’t know how it would be used. Maybe an enchantment for armour that helps you fight off the effects of poison?


How about this one? :slight_smile:



Yeah, that seems like an interesting item similar to what I was talking about.

For some reason now, I want an enchantment for armour which allows potions to be directly pumped into the wearer. It would be quicker then drinking and might work even when the wearer couldn’t drink. The we can have a line of battle field banes who just charge the enemy. It don’t think it would be practical but I think it would be fun.


There’s nothing to make you immune to any given effect. “No effect!” is not really a call in this system. With high enough fortitude, you can largely ignore venom. With a potion to hand, you can clear it off quickly. With items like that, you can negate it at a price, for substantial preparation.

But I don’t think that there will ever be a mechanism for just laughing off one of the more deadly mechanics of the game…


Didgeridoo? I imagine most Empire citizens probably don’t know such instruments exist, but there could be the odd one or two around.

Perhaps the most likely ways for one to come to the Empire would be:

  • Brought back by an Empire citizen’s trading fleet, which picked it up as a curio in some foreign country (perhaps thrown in as a sweetener to clinch a deal).
  • Brought to the Empire on a foreign trading ship, and sold to an Empire citizen… perhaps even with a brief lesson to get started.
  • Brought back by an Empire citizen’s fleet that was engaged in privateering/piracy against ships of a barbarian nation. But that way, would the crew even recognise it as an instrument?

It could have passed through a few Imperial owners before you character acquires it though.
“What’s that dusty stick in the corner?”
“Oh, some strange foreign thing… apparently it’s meant to be sort of like a cross between a brass instrument and bagpipes, but you use your cheeks instead of the bag. Not sure how that’s supposed to work. I had a go at it years ago but never got the hang of it. Yours for three rings, if you like.”