I’m very late on this subject, but masks with simple filters already exist as described in the Mask of Lead and Gold page. I assume it’s not much more complicated than covering all breathing areas with gauze, but it’s still an existing thing. Wouldn’t have any effect beyond looking neat in most circumstances (although there have been times where wearing a mask has given RP benefits), but still. Neat!


Hey Canashir, the didge I have is about 5 foot long and is an actual tree trunk, the end still has bark around it and it weighs a lot, so I was thinking of saying that i originally bought it from a trader somewhere who was trying to sell it as a giants club. My character bought it and discovered its musical properties. Also thinking of going with the name ‘Tree Horn’ instead of didgeridoo, sounds more descriptive and a bit more Navarri.

Also just just ordered an Octave Mandola which should arrive on Monday so i should have about 20 weeks to learn to play it before E1 :slight_smile:


Maybe give it an ambiguous name so people don’t know what is about to happen. You could simply call it ‘The Thing’ and so people will have to wait in suspense while you go and fetch it. You sort of know what you are going to get when you say ‘Tree Horn’.

Alternatively you could call it the ‘noise club’ and you can say to people ‘If you don’t like my playing, I hope you like being bludgeoned or something’.

Having said that ‘Tree Horn’ is a good name.

In the end, I think the name should reflect the kind of person you are playing. Whether you are a bit of a joker or if you are a bit more serious, whether or not you a knowledgeable or not, whether you are humble or a little bit full of yourself. People are going to remember your didgeridoo so use it to help them understand your character as it will make things a lot easier for you.


Do you know if there are any giants in empire lore?


I know that there are ogres. https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Ogre, however I don’t know about giants.


Food for thought. Plenty of time to make my mind up :slight_smile:



Just a last few things on the subject of the name and story, while I remember, if you wanted to, the story of how your weapon could change and get more fanciful each time so if you had a few you liked, you don’t have to choose.

Also if the didgeridoo proves successful, you could have it hallowed so it has an RP effect just by being around it. The aura you plan on picking could effect the name.


I’ve been reading about music of the spheres and was thinking that the didgeridoo would be the perfect instrument to comprise the drone part of a composition. The noise produced by a traditional didge is fixed to a certain note, in my case it is C, so its not really possible to play melodies. Any experts on music of the spheres have any ideas?


You are entirely welcome to be your own expert. “It’s always worked for me” is a perfectly good reason for just about anything, and generating your own arguments for why it works, and being prepared to discuss them down the pub makes the game just that bit more interesting.


There are ice giants, certainly, because the Thule used them. Then in the magical realms of Summer or Spring there are likely to be giant humanoids, and you might expect that there might be giant humanoid shambling mounds deep in the vallorn. Your traditional Warhammer Fantasy giant, I don’t think there has been one in play - closest would be the ogres or the trolls.

Of those, I think the most likely to use a club would be an ogre or a creature of Summer. The others are either insufficiently thinky to use any tool at all or too thinky to be content with an unmodified lump of wood as a weapon.


You’d want to play as part of an ensemble who were keen on playing with a didge - it’s a cool idea. The official music of the spheres off the wiki is based around improvisational modes rather than classical scales.

Of course, taking the base concept and putting your own spin on it is encouraged. Honestly, more rituals where the casters are pulling in concepts other than the kind of field-expedient-dramaturgical ‘oh, and let’s pull in some hearth magic or mention a rune’ would be cool, so if you’ve got a great way that you and maybe a couple of mates could chant up the magic of the Realms with a didgeridoo then that sounds excellent.


Man, I’m learning the didgeridoo but I haven’t got circle breathing down yet. Wish i was good enough to bring mine to emprie. :frowning:


Circular breathing is hard. Maybe when you are able to do it, the two of you could team up and become the didgeritwo.


[Round of Applause!!!]


It’s an awesome instrument. I originally learnt to play it about 20 years ago when i was a kid, but I sometimes go years without playing nowadays. My breathing isnt as good as it used to be. I used to meditate with the didge and i would be able to go for about 45 minutes without stopping for breath. I timed myself the other day and only got to 11 minutes before i flaked out. Doesnt bode well for combat either, need to work on a bit of cardio I think :slight_smile: How long have you been playing?


Been playing for a couple of months. I don’t sound great and i can’t circular breathe but i have a big ol lung capacity so can play for almost a minute on one breath.


Perhaps if our characters where to meet, mine could give yours a few pointers. What nation are you in?


The jolly ol’ brass coast, haven’t yet been to empire yet, though I’ve got E1 2019 booked.


yes. welcome to the freeborn