Divination and Arcane Projections


Hey so I’m struggling with Arcane Projections and Day Magic. I’ve had a good long read of the wiki, Day Magic, Ritual Theory and existing Day Rituals and the various Divination rituals out there.
I’m interesting in creating Arcane Projections for Day Ritual Divination, but struggled as to what is in the scope of the game. Of course I have a good idea of what is and is not possible on the wiki e.g. it’s estimates and the like and you cannot truly predict the future, and a couple of things off the wiki (e.g. don’t make something game breaking), but, I’m still struggling, so I’m appealing for advice on experiences of making Arcane Projections and Divination for advice.

What things would say are important to consider when creating an Arcane Projection (that isn’t on the wiki/commonly available)? What are the common pitfalls?


Don’t make it too complex. The PD writers have to come up with how these visions fit in with the game. Limit it in some way. Swim leviathan depth allows you to ask a question but it must be a why question. My last arcane projection failed because it would take up too much time for the writers to do and it was not something that drives the story. You have to remember that you aren’t the main character in larp empire, you are one of many main characters.

Your arcane projection needs to work OOC as well as IC. This is why you can’t see the future and you can’t turn invisible. You might be able to see a specific thing or you might be able to get it so you see a possible outcome of doing something but that would probably have to do with some down time story.

With these big complex arcane projections you may need to look into getting an eternal to help.
It is difficult to say exactly what you should do without knowing fully what you want.

For now, I recommend looking into day rituals that are already in imperial law and see if any of them are similar.

I hope this helps.


As @IWillGetThingsRong said, keep things simple and you’re more likely to get an AP to pass (I’ve written 5 APs todate, and had 2 pass).

Also, consider that any AP that passes has the potential to be added to Imperial Lore and cast routinely; I assume that this is something that effects PDs decision as to whether an AP is viable (i.e. if you ask for something that if cast routinely would be game-breaking then it probably won’t pass).


Don’t make Day AP Mistake No. 1: “I want a ritual to find [Thing].”

It’s not going to happen, thanks to the phenomenal difficulty of tracking objects in a LARP game.

As and when this kind of effect has ever been achieved, it’s with Big Stuff like the Imperial Crown, and using costly and high-effort methods like consulting Leviathan.


Consider what a ref would have to do, and try and make it as easy as possible to complete.

If you want the plot team to give you an answer for something, you probably needs to write into your AP that you will inform plot team ahead of time (minimum 1 hour) that you are performing the ritual. Then a ref can radio through to a plot team who is ready.


The key thing about APs is to be specific. An AP isn’t a general solution to any problem, it’s a specific solution to a specific problem.

Think of the specific problem you are trying to solve, consider how the existing divinatory rituals are unsatisfactory for it, and carefully think about how it fits into the themes of the realm and the balance of the game.

Adding a general divination spell (say, a spell that provides an extra piece of information about a crafted item) requires PD plot writers to prepare a response to that spell for every single item in the game. This is why new general divinations are a very rare thing.


My current plan with AP’s I’ve been dreaming up have been asking a very specific question for example:

How many of X personal resource (e.g. mines) are in X Territory (which would target those booked at an event)?
How many friendly territories border this territory?
Does this territory contain a Spy Network?


make sure you also specify that you want to know the mines owned by anvil attendees this season. otherwise you might get a large number and the refs laughing “well, you asked” :stuck_out_tongue:

not to seem blunt but, a map?

third. Dang, that seems really useful. if it works there are probably some military types who would love to see this in Imperial lore.


regarding 2 - A map works fine for Imperial Territories, less so for places like Ossium and Hordalant, and that’s what the idea is. Basically the real question is "how many friendly territories has this barbarian nation got? But I think that would fail on AP (not least due to it likely needs an Eternal to help or it fails on Dominion)


It sounds like something you would learn from a spy network. depending what teir you ask for (in this case teir 2) it might be workable if probably expensive. again though, a huge amount of interest and resources goes through the Military so you might find an general or twelve who will want this AP to be cast. Careful though, one of the main considerations for APs is that it could be formulated and be castable to everyone for all time. if it sounds OP, it might get shot down. though in my uniformed wild guestimating opinion, an AP that mimics the first tier of a spy network seems ok and second teir may be expensive but doable.


It would be a single slice of information you might get from a spy network. You would just get a numbered response rather than any detail of those territories.


I don’t think the issue of Dominion would stop you from preparing an Arcane Projection… but it would mean that in order to cast it, you would need to have relevant Dominion at the time, perhaps (depending on how you specified the attempt to prepare the AP) by casting it at a Day Regio in that nation, or by having a ruler of that nation present throughout the ritual.


Would having a tier one spy network help? Maybe it does something like upgrade the spy network to a higher tier for a season or something. It might not be exactly what @Michael is after but it could be good to have a back up plan if the first arcane projection fails.


So the second AP I was spitballing was the one I’m least confident about.
It’s a scrying ritual so can target anywhere the caster has a map of. For example Hordalant. What it tells you is just what is at the border of that territory, not the territory itself, so a caster gets an impression of what is beyond the borders.
That wouldn’t work with a Spy Network as that needs to A)border an imperial Territory to setup and b) tells you details of that territory, not what is at it’s border. I’m not confident it is possible, but it’s one that interests me.


I think that this one wouldn’t work. With Arcane projections, they really have to directly do what you want them to do. If you are targeting a region, I think you can only see inside that region and not outside it. It would be like sending someone with the intent on learning about Germany. You might get a bit of an idea but not enough. That is my opinion at least.


In general, the bounds of a ritual targeting a territory are that territory - I’d be very surprised if we let something go through which avoided that. See the Law of Boundaries