Do territory curses stack?

If i were to curse a territory with Thunderous Deluge, Icy Maw Devours the Spark of Essence, Naeve’s Twisting Blight, and Winter’s Ghosts, would all of the of the effects stack additively (farms now produce nothing; 1-.5-.5-.25=-.25)? not stack at all (farms still produce half, the other rituals have no effect)? or do they stack multiplicative-ly (1*.5*.5*.75=0.1875)? not to mention the other resources…

could you cast the same curse multiple times to ‘stack’ them? (Naeve’s Twisting Blight 3times=1*.5*.5*.5=.125)

Think you would probably have to email that to Rules. Not sure anyone but the people who do the downtime calculations would have any idea

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Agreed that you should probably email for clarification.

However, Icy Maw doesn’t seem to affect farms - only mana sites.

If you managed to do all of them that’s really impressive, and if you cast on empire soil a large chunk of a nation if not the whole would probably be after you with the nastiest personal curse they could muster and probably it would be permanent.


I think the rule is that they stack multiplicitively, but the same curse won’t stack with itself. EDIT: I’m not a ref though, I reckon it’s still worth emailing to double check.

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Unlike enchantments, curses do stack, you can have as many curses on one target as you like. I don’t think you can stack two of the same curse though. I think they stack multiplicatively (that seems to be what happened in the infamous Mournwold incident) but you would have to check with PD.

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From the wiki “A target may be under any number of different curses at once.” So we’re definitely right about not stacking multiple copies of the same curse.

From experience yes. Reikos took the brunt of a lot of curses, some from the Imperial side and some from the Druj and they all stacked.

I’m not sure the same curse can be case multiple times on the same target however.

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Of course, Multiple curses never do unpredictable things!

:smiling_imp: eh,it would be in a barbarian territory, they have it coming :smiling_imp: