Do we have any dates for 2022?

I can’t remember seeing any, but has anyone seen any dates for 2022? I’m still going to book off those weekends just in case we do get one. :slight_smile:

Last weekend in April will be one, but unsure about the rest.

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These are what’s up on the website:

  • Winter Solstice - 22nd Apr to 24th Apr 2022
  • Spring Equinox - 10th Jun to 12th Jun 2022
  • Summer Solstice - 29th Jul to 31st Jul 2022
  • Autumn Equinox - 9th Sep to 11th Sep 2022

Oh brilliant, thank you. No idea why I didn’t even consider looking on there which would have been the obvious thing!

Still, at least they are up here too. :smiley: