Do we need a signpost?

I thought I’d forward this to the forums as it’s been mentioned on facebook that the Navarr camp wasn’t easy to find last event.

How would we feel about some form of gate / welcome mat / signpost / trail of bodies / other thingy showing where our camp entrance* is?

*(‘Camp Entrance’ may or may not be a knob gag)

hmm that bloody big group of trees there is the navarr camp traditionally known as woodland lol.

Never mind. Ok in reality maybe just a practical post saying, “Here are the navarr” points all over the place to different groups.

Really? Some people just won’t ask for directions.
I don’t think we need a signpost.

It’s literally the easiest thing to find.

“Do you know where the Navaar are?”

“The woods.” and point.

[quote=“Bors”]It’s literally the easiest thing to find.
“Do you know where the Navaar are?”
“The woods.” and point.[/quote]

Then why don’t we have much trade / visitors from the other nations?
We’re only in a small portion of the total woodland in the field, and from those I’ve spoken to who tried to find our camp most wandered in through the Marchers…

It’s not like you can see the treehouse from the main anvil road.

I’ve had tonnes of trade come my way. I didn’t have room to breathe last event. Perhaps that’s because the treehouse is so popular, but everyone knows we’re in the woods. A sign outside the woods isn’t going to do much. If people are struggling to find us though, perhaps “Navaaring” up our camp more would be cool?

Not sure how. Saying that, a sign isn’t a bad idea.

Could be luck of the draw: I’m often out there trading, or discussing herbology with you chaps~

Signage does always help and add immersion, but people who have a -reason- to go looking for you, will find you. It’s possibly simply the case that people looking for certain types of resources might have come by Brass Coast first, and got curtailed by the Fleet owners having lots of varied resources?

could be we’re the poorest buggers on the field with very little in the way of coin. that usually screws you over in the world of the economy

That shouldn’t preclude you from having a signpost, though.

Have we not been in exactly the same place every event so far, when every other nation has moved round…

Yeah if people are looking for us, they will come and find us.

However to people just wondering, the woods look more intimidating than inviting.

A “welcome mat” rather than a sign post would be a good idea I think.

Just something to say, “yeah we are in here, come say hi!”

There might be a lack of coin in the nation but that doesn’t stop trade of resources. And I found that while people found Navarr alright, they struggled to find individual groups

How about a flag? Everyone knew where the Hospital was thanks to it having a distinctive white banner on a stick,

what the… I didn’t know where the hospital was but then again I was avoiding been sent to a hospital.

Usually for faelan it means sadistic docs and nurses trying to heal him with a lot of pain. So avoided it like the plague but would be handy to find out ic. Might have to stumble in there by accident. Must admit love field surgery that’s cool.

I don’t think a signpost with “NAVARR” on it is quite necessary. But even being from the Navarr I’ve stuggled to find specific groups now and again. Usually takes a day or so to make a nice mental map of where everyone is.

Maybe it would just be cool for groups to have some big signs/banners saying who they are and where they’re based if camping IC. I’ve seen a few and they look great and they’re really helpful :slight_smile:

I’ll stand out the front and swear.

I suspect that any lack of visitors is less to do with people not knowing where the Navaar are and more to do with the preponderance of a vocal minority of woodland dwellers to shout drunken abuse at people. I know a fair few people avoid the woods because it often feels like a hostile and unpleasant place to be. Those Navaar groups with good reputations get lots of visitors as far as I know.

i’ve heard one or two groups who have said they don’t come the forest as they felt unwelcome. But i’m sure if people just visit the fires round the forest they’ll find it isn’t the case we are all pretty laid back and love hanging out specially around foxden.

Re: Signposts

My lot (the Morning House Orphanage) made a set of signs that we had at the edge of our camp, pointing out where all of the other nations were. We had a lot of people stop and look at them and comment about how usefull they were.

We made them by getting some spare wood (chopped up a shipping pallet), smoothed them out and cleaned up the surfaces, then used a Dremmel with a rotary sanding drum to carve the lettering into the wood on both sides (to make it able to be used pointing in both directions), and then coloured in the lettering with either paint of a felt tip pen.

Simple and cheap.

To be fair i tend to get a stupid amount of visitors in the woodland and outside the forest, but then i’m a vocal minority both in and outside the woods :wink: