Do weapons and shields need latex?

Hey, I’m making my own bucklers and swords, was just wondering do they need to be covered in latex or are they ok without? The bucklers I’m going to cover with a cotton canvas.

What are you making them out of?
Most non-latex weapons I’ve seen look pretty rough and ready, which might not be suitable for Empire.

Have you made LARP weapons before?

I’m adhering to all the rules and regulations so fibreglass core, high density foam (all the correct thicknesses) using the correct end caps so the rods don’t pierce the foam etc. And I haven’t made them before but I’m confident in my ability to.

What are you coating them in if you aren’t using latex?

This is what I need to know is it ok to ignore the latex or is their another alternative, is cotton canvas allowed over swords?

I’m not a ref, so can’t really answer officially.

I don’t think you’ll get an answer here, you need to email PD at to get a 100% official answer.

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We had some shields at another system that were basically blanks without the latex and they didn’t last. The latex and isoflex coating definitely increases the life of the shield, and makes them much more durable.

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If you do get an answer from PD, can you post it here? I’m curious what their response is.

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Just emailed them now, I’ll let you know.


I’ve gotten a reply.


So having spoken to the head of weapons checking - this is his advice…

Basically without a latex covering the weapons will be more prone to damage and weather effects - this applies to both the swords and the shields.

The other issue that you have - is that even if you follow all the rules and reg in terms of making the weapons, they may still fail the weapons safety check, so you just need to be aware of that.

The weapons checking team - usually advise that for new players - they buy something from the traders, basically so that if it does fail the weapons check (which they do sometimes) you can take it back to the trader and they will swap it for you, but obviously that is entirely up to you.

If you need anything further, please get back to me.

Kind regards