Do you have to spend skill points by midnight tonight?


Downtime closes tonight at midnight. To my knowledge this does not affect spending skill points. Can someone confirm that.

IE am I right in saying I can spend skill points at any time and dont have to do it be end of play today? I have 2 points saved up but want some time to think over my options.

Cheers in advance.

You can spend skill points at any time. You may not be able to spend them in the time running up to the event from now (although you probably can), but worst comes to worst you can just spend them at the event.

Downtime is for artisans, upgrades, armies, millitary units, fleets etc.

XP spending can be done anytime the main PD servers aren’t in a field.
And even at the field you can spend XP after Friday, With a bit of roleplay from a teacher. … dvancement

And if you don’t spend them at all you can save them for next season, or next year.

or even the next character!


or even the next character![/quote]

Yes, so long as they were points gained from attending games.
You can’t if they were from the eight original character-creation points.