Doctors and Medical Colleges

I’ll make this short and sweet:

  1. Would it be acceptable to say my character’s recently been training at a medical college in Holberg or is there something somewhere saying there aren’t any in Holberg?
  2. Is there anything I need to do on the field to be able to call my character a Doctor (as in title rather than profession) or is it just flavour?
    Thanks as always.
  1. Yup, Holburg is famous for its universities and places of learning. I always head cannoned Holburg unis like Victorian Uni’s. With lots of displays, lectures and people watching from viewing gallery’s. My last character used this as a part of his background that he gave lectures at his own Lecture Hall.

  2. Its mostly Just flavour. As long as you have the skill, you can heal. Weather with smoke and talismans, Reknitting skin with crystals, a bucket of tar and leaches or full surgery. Its up to you. I would assume a Dr is someone who used something closer to surgery.

My own reading of the wiki suggests there’s only the one University in Holberg - the wiki entry for this spoil of war specifically mentions “the University”. As Haystacks says, though, there are definitely other institutions of learning and being trained as a medic in Holberg makes a lot of sense. After all, they were under siege for a good long while - and you definitely need doctors during a protracted siege!

  1. Medical college in Holberg sounds fine.

  2. Titles are interesting. For a professional title like this one, as Haystacks has said, I’d expect a Doctor to be a Physick with surgical knives and bandages… If you say you studied in Holberg, you may want to ask some of the other Leaguer physicks, especially those at the hospital, and maybe write in a mutual friend/tutor/experience…

Also note, don’t expect the whole field to have the same idea of what the word doctor means. I can definitely see the League reserving it for institution-educated surgeons and physicians, but equally some nations might be surprised to hear the word doctor and not see some earthier or more spiritual trappings. Not that any of that is baked into the brief, but I think it’s a fun thing to think about.

To answer your second question properly though, I guess theoretically a school could have given you a doctorate on their authority, but there’s no Empire-wide standard for that kind of thing and I shouldn’t epect anyone, even fellow Leaguers, to put overmuch stock in that qualififation.

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You can call yourself what ever you like if you can back it up. You just need to appear good at what ever you specialise in to be able to call yourself a doctor really and even then, that isn’t a must. It depends on what kind of place you went to get your medical training. As long as someone official enough has handed you a certificate, you are a doctor. It doesn’t even have to be of medicine. I knew someone who was a professor of martial arts. You could be a physician who is a doctor of bar brawling and you could still introduce yourself as doctor (what ever your name is).

To be fair, in Oxford we call Oxford University “the University” but there’s others around.

I’d like to say, just for the record, that my character isn’t actually from Holberg, and actually lives in Axmure. His House is pretty close to the border though.

You don’t need to be from the League to benefit from a League education!


If you call yourself Doctor and you aren’t a physick or alchemist, people might be confused - but it’s not a title that’s rationed out-of-character.