Does anyone have the throwing skill?


Purely asking out of curiosity because I’ve never seen it in play but then again I’m usually in the hospital for the battles.
It seems pretty expensive and difficult to do well, plus I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything other than throwing knives and the odd axe in terms of throwing weapons.
I guess my questions are these: does anyone have the skill? Is it as expensive and/or difficult as it seems? And what do people tend to use?


I personally don’t have the skill but if I were to get it, it would probably be if I wanted to be a rouge type character. The throwing weapons can be hidden unlike bows and crossbows. They can also be stored more easily. Bows and crossbows would have a longer range so they would be better in the big battles but in a duel, you can catch someone off guard, surprise them by and then move in while they are recovering.

I think you would only take them if you were playing a certain kind of character. From what I know of them, they don’t travel very far and due to their size, some people may not notice they have been hit by them if they are wearing armour and in the middle of doing something else.


I suspect that some people do, but very much a minority. There are several factors:

  1. Empire imposes a minimum length on throwing weapons, 8" or longer, no tiny knives, shuriken or throwing rocks. This makes thrown weapons (at £5 to £15 each) as expensive to use as crossbow bolts or arrows, with as much chance of losing them (although admittedly less chance of them being broken). Given the high standards of Empire kit, cheap gaffa throwing daggers look awful, and the even worse throwing rocks (often a lump of foam painted grey, if not a lump wrapped in gaffa tape) is specifically out.
  2. The maximum damage on a thrown weapon is 1 point. This makes them nowhere near as useful as a crossbow.
  3. Thowing something takes up a hand, often at low range, maybe 10 to 15 foot. Just when you want a weapon to hand. And due to the wieght and safety restrictions, they rarely have enough wieght or aerodynamic design to be particularly accurate. I have been hit, by a thrown dagger, in the neck at 20ft. It was an awesome fluke shot.

While it’s a cheap skill, I doubt more than 1 in 10 warrior build characters have it? I’d take a guess at 150 characters with the thrown skill on the field, and they use it rarely?

I mean, I can see the Steinr closing to battle with a volley of throwing axes, the Navarri using javelins instead of getting up tight with their spears, and the Leaguers whipping out throwing knives into the barbarian faces… but not often…

That said, I am planning on my next character having thrown. A close-fire-support type of fighter, with crossbow and half-a-dozen throwing knives, the sort of guy that leans in from the 2nd rank in a fight and disrupts an enemy line.

So that’ll be one more!



Good point re duels and people not noticing. You hit someone in plate with a little knife and they’ll be like "what?"during a battle.

I think duels and skirmishes may be more favourable to that than the battles.


Thrown is an interesting one. Done well as a support arm to the frontline with a few players throwing weapons on mass behind a shield wall - it would be fairly effective at pinning/damaging a unit. But’s its extremely expensive, you would run out of missiles very quickly as there are rarely weapons coming back, and has poor range compared to arrows/bolts.

Not to say someone or a group couldnt do it really well, but it would take a fair bit of cash/effort making your own javelins (ideally something created in conjunction with the weapons checkers, whilst retaining some weight), so would be fairly exclusive.


We all took the skill in my old Highguard group, just for flavour reasons. Occasionally it was handy to throw back some monster javelins in battle. Generally it was worthless.


while i have only used throwing knife twice at empire i can happy say i like them. trying to hit a shield wall is super hard with a sword because its a wall… and if you use a bow not only is it super costly but also will put a price on your head.
sometime people will not know or you will miss with a small weapon that can be easily blow by the wind but it is super fun to try. i remember the first time i hit someone. they looked shocked.

anyway the skill is up to you and i would say maybe see if you can find some cheap and use them while monstering to give you the feel for them. also get a holder for them as you will likely drop them if you do not have one
oh and once you have throw them in battle you will likely not get them back till the end when someone hands it to god.


My old character had thrown, mainly with a pair of javelins. They’re a great distraction tactic because they cause people to instinctively flinch and can be a good way to open up a shield-bearer for a hit.