Does my character make sense?

Hi everyone!

Im playing to attend the Summer Solstice next month, and have been thinking about my character for over a month now. I wonder if ya’ll could give me some advice, because I’m not sure if she will fit properly in to the world.

A basic overview:

The nation that first appealed to me was the brass-coast.

I would really love to be a character with a sea-faring background, who has spent most of her life on the water. Also I would like to get involved with the crime side of RP - handling stolen goods, possession of controlled substances etc. I figured I could make her a corsair, but she isn’t one for fighting (although she would tell stories that suggest otherwise), she would have other people fight for her.

Would a free-born privateer, ‘black-market’ trader work in Empire?

Or do you think she would better fit in to another nation? I cant find much info on privateering and/or piracy (I know free born detest piracy) in other nations.

This will my first time doing anything LARP, so sorry for being such a noob. THanks for any help!

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If you pick fleet as your character resource you would own a ship and they could trade in all sorts of things. That’s what you do when you are not in Anvil. You can also privateer.

So I can have a fleet and have my background be based mostly at-sea while being from any nation?

I’m sure that’s right, but I would like confirmation ^^

There are a couple of fleet captains from Varushka, which is pretty much landlocked. It is less common but definitely not odd.

One of the Varushkans with a fleet treats it as a fleet of trading river boats :slight_smile:

That’s definitely correct, yes; you can have a fleet and a nautical background in any nation. (I started a House of Dawnish pirate-nobles a couple of years back. :smiley: )

The thing to look at with the Brass Coast is their concept of honesty.

This doesn’t make freeborn smugglers and black-marketeers unviable, but it puts a shape on it - they’re usually brazen, forthright and so on. I’d imagine a Freeborn smuggler on being asked what they’re transporting usually just saying some variation on “I’m not telling you,” possibly with more sass and an infuriating grin. What a Freeborn really shouldn’t be doing is lying or actively misleading.

Note that the honesty page there actively encourages being shameless about things like bribery and blackmail - this sort of idea isn’t inappropriate in the Brass Coast, it just needs to be treated carefully.

I’m not sure how much space there is to actually get into that space on the field, but that has as much to do with my style as anything else.

My suggestion (noting that I don’t really play this style myself) would be to try to set up as a no-questions-asked fixer type - try and build a network of contacts who can get anything for anyone… if the price is right. Be upfront about it, refuse to give information on clients to… procurers and vice-versa; use that Freeborn honesty and shamelessness to build a rep for reliability, because you never reveal the details you’ve committed to keeping confidential.

The important thing that keeps that as Freeborn honesty, rather than very un-Freeborn deception, is that you’re very upfront that that’s what’s happening - rather than saying “this isn’t stolen” or even “I don’t know if this is stolen” (even if you actually don’t know how your contact got it!), strive for a consistent thing of always answering “how did you get this?” with “I can’t tell you, that would be a breach of my contracts with my contacts.”

Other options with a more traditionally deceptive style are available in other nations, but the Freeborn option is here and I think it’s pretty cool. :wink:


Oh, also, a more noncombat captain of a corsair vessel sounds cool, and the Freeborn hatred for piracy doesn’t extend to all naval combat - raiding their traditional enemies like the Grendel and running away with their stuff is an actively supported Freeborn pastime. I think it’s attacking neutral or allied merchant shipping that’d be treated with disgust.

A sleek, fast vessel that’s good at sneaking up to Grendel ships to attack them and slipping past blockades for some no-questions-asked trading seems on-theme to me.

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If I recall correctly isn’t one of their Bourse resources even decided by who raids the grendel the most?

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As I say! Actively supported!

You can have a fleet as any character even if the place you are from is totally land locked. There isn’t anything to stop anyone from doing that. Is it a very good background…maybe not.
I don’t know enough about brass coast to tell you if this fits their brief but I thin kit probably will. Someone else will be able to advise better than me,

Took me to long to finish this :slight_smile: all answered

Just a small point but as of right now you cannot engage in piracy using a fleet. The old options did allow you to trade with our enemies or attack peaceful foreign nations but this has been removed.

You can currently trade with peaceful nations, raid our enemies (privateer work) or support the Empire’s navy.


Welcome aboard :smiley:

Being a captain who has other people do the fighting for her, who she pays is a fine thing to do. Privateering is a honoured profession on the Brass Coast, as it helps keep the Grendel down.

One problem you’re going to run into is that there aren’t really any controlled substances in Empire at the moment and likewise there aren’t any taxes on goods so smuggling isn’t really a thing you can be arrested for.

Crime wise apart from player generated fun the main bit of plot has been with the Vyig in the League but they’ve recently been almost wiped out by player action. That could be something you want to delve into, but with a relatively efficient militia and a vigilance assembly who are hungry for action doing actual crime is certainly playing Empire on hard mode I’d say. So fair warning there.

I’d also echo the advice about reading up on honesty in the Brass Coast as their brazen nature is an essential part of what they do. Have a deep read of the Brass Coast nation background as it’s got a lot of cool stuff in there and you might find inspiration.


You might like to contact this person in this thread:

I’m sure that they are in no way planning any criminal activity. At all. Nope.