Downtime and Early Booking Deadline Wednesday 2pm

We’ve discovered there was an error in the original downtime email sent to players - announcing a downtime deadline that was actually a week later that intended by mistake.

Unfortunately we need to close downtime promptly - so that we can process the military campaigns and start writing the Winds of War this week. Past that date there simply will not be time to get everything done before the event.

To try and split the difference we are now going to close downtime at 2pm on Wednesday 5th. This is the latest possible date that we can close downtime and still produce the updates for the next event.

We apologize for this error with the original email. If anyone is unaware of the correction then we’ll try to sort that as best we can, but if you want to support an Imperial army or fleet then you must submit that before the downtime deadline on 2pm Wednesday 5th.

I’ve set the booking deadline to the same date - Wednesday. If you’re coming to the next event and you haven’t sent payment already - then you must send payment before the deadline to get the event at the cheapest price.

Do we know if the booking deadline is also 2pm, or at midnight as per usual?

Just tried to book. The website seems to be charging the late booking fee atm.

If you go through the hyperlink in the official email you still get early booking, I did so earlier.

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Thanks Lucretius. I’ll dig that out when I’m home