++Downtime and tents!++

Hope everyone had a great weekend despite the weather being windier than anticipated. We’re going to try and get downtime live tonight if we can - we’ll put up a post here and email everyone as usual once it goes live (it will be open for a week).

In the meantime - if you find yourself with any free time this weekend - we could use a little help! We couldn’t get all our tents down on take-down because of the wet weather - so we’re heading back this weekend to finish the job. We’ve got almost all the big marquees down, but there are a score of smaller tents to take down and pack. We’ve also got some litter-picking and tidying to do as well for those who aren’t up for moving tents.

We’ll be there from 10am Saturday through to Sunday just finishing up. So if you’re free and able to get there to lend a helping hand that would be wonderful! We’d appreciate any help that anyone can give us.


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