++Downtime Is Open!++

Hey folks, just a few quick announcements here (I’ve emailed a copy of this to everyone whose account is set to get emails from us).

The downtime system is now open for submissions for everyone who attended the last event. It will remain open until Midnight Sunday the 8th. Please make sure that you have got your downtime submitted before that date as we will try to start processing all the submissions as soon as possible the next day. You can also spend experience points if you like, sort out anything to do with your personal resource, make artisan items, trade things in your inventories, use your ministries if you have them, and submit arcane projections.

We are experiencing very high levels of email at the current time, so please be patient with us while we clear the backlog. If you are waiting for a response to an email, please rest assured that we always ensure that nobody loses out on any downtime submission because they are waiting for a replay from us.

As all our servers are now back up you can access your account and book for events. The early booking deadline for the next event is the 22nd May - you must book your tickets by this day to get them at the cheapest price. You can book and pay online at any point. Please pay by bank transfer or standing order if you can - as that is much better for us! (You can still pay by bank transfer on the day of the deadline, provided you send payment before the deadline).

Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone in the Empire community for the incredible support that we’ve received over the last three years. It would be foolish to deny that it has been a difficult period for us, but it could have been a lot worse. We’ve been kept aloft by the generosity and goodwill of everyone who backed us. I’d like to thank everyone who has kept their bookings with us until we were able run again.

Having now completed our first event after the longest break ever, we hope everyone who was able to attend enjoyed it. Now that we’re back, we’ll try to repay the community by working hard to improve Empire for everyone.

Thank you,

Matt Pennington.