Downtime Now Open

Hi, the downtime for E4 this year is now open and @Andy_Raff has put together a quick guide on what you can do with it.


We opened downtime live last night, and it’ll stay open until December 18. After that it’ll close and we’ll start processing. With an eye to the fact this may be some of your first events, I thought I’d do a quick guide to Downtime and whether you need to worry about it.


Go to the Profound Decisions website ( and log in. On the dropdown at the top, go to Your Account → Characters and click on your character name. From there, you can spend xp, manage your inventory, and submit your downtime by following the helpful wizard. For now I’m going to concentrate on “Downtime”.


Some personal resources let you make choices about what they do in downtime.

  • Mine, Forest, Herb Garden, Farm, Business, Mana Site - these straightforward resources just produce whatever they produce. You don’t even need to log in - the only reason to do so would be to check your projected income for E1, and to double check that any enchantment you had cast on them has worked (but see Overclocking below).
  • Congregation - you can choose to sell some of the liao you produce. You can automatically sell liao for 12 rings a dose if you want some cash for some reason. If you want all your tasty, tasty liao you don’t need to worry about downtime.
  • Fleet - If you leave your fleet to its own devices, it will engage in Privateering and produce you a chunk of resources of a random type. However, you have more options - you can send your fleet to trade with a foreign port, or you can support the Freeborn Storm. Each foreign port provides different income; selecting ports from the drop down automatically calculates what your income will be. Supporting the Freeborn Storm means the navy gains additional strength, but because the navy has not been selected to provide Guerdon shares, you’ll get no production beyond the basic 18 rings everyone gets.
  • Military Unit - If you leave a military unit to its own devices it will engage in Paid Work, producing a chunk of resources of a random type. As with a Fleet though you have more options - you can choose to assign your military unit to support an Imperial army, fortification, or spy network. By assigning a military unit to an army, you can browse the orders the general has issued, Depending on what you support, you may or may not get shares of the Imperial Guerdon - only some armies provide an income when supported by military units as determined by the Quartermaster General each event.


If you own a mine, forest, or herb garden you can choose to “overclock” them. This costs you 6 crowns which needs to be in your inventory, and produces an extra 5 ingots, 5 measures, or 7 herbs respectively.


Any personal resource can be upgraded. Depending on the resource, it requires either white granite, mithril, or weirwood. The number of wains you need is equal to the new rank, and you can upgrade a resource a maximum of one rank each downtime.

To upgrade, just select the option in downtime after making sure you have the appropriate number of wains in your inventory. Diversification works the same way, but changes some of your basic production to something else - mines, forests, farms, and businesses all have diversification options.

This downtime there is also an option for certain mine owners to upgrade their resource with white granite instead of mithril - you can learn about that option here →


A particular subset of Imperial Titles come with a “ministry” - the ability to swap something for something else in Downtime. For example, ambassadors can purchase trade goods while the Overseer of the Gloaming Road can trade Iridescent Gloaming for Mithril with the Faraden. Obviously, you only need to worry about this if you have a ministry. If in doubt, check the page for your title on the wiki.


If you have the artisan skill, you also log in to Downtime to make your magic items. You need to make sure you have the materials you need in your inventory, and pick the items you want from the dropdown. Because of the way the game is designed, everyone with the artisan skill has the ability to make at least one item - a two-month item that requires no materials.


You also use the downtime system to prepare arcane projections. You need to make sure you have 10 mana crystals in your inventory, then follow the instructions on the screen. Arcane Projections are documents that allow ritual magicians to perform spontaneous magic -

You don’t need to sort your arcane projection by the 18th - we’ll reopen downtime for arcane projection submissions only nearer the event.


That’s about it. We keep the downtime system as streamlined and straightforward and devoid of extraneous clicking as we possibly can!

(Photo is by Tom Garnett; General Tancred de Rondell writing something in his journal possibly to do with army dispositions)


Hi mods - have PD had to take the server down? I keep getting a ‘connection was reset’ error when trying to get to the main page to do downtime and make a booking for next year… (15.10 UK time, on Chrome on Desktop and mobile)…

They did mention that they would have to take down the wiki briefly in order to do some server stuff, it is possible it’s affecting the whole site.

Yes the server is down atm, they might be suffering from ISP issues. I’d give it a few hours and then try again.

Wilco! Just flagging it in case something unplanned had happened :slight_smile: