Downtime Open

We’ve emailed everyone to let them know that downtime is now open. We’ve emailed everyone who indicated that they want to receive email reminders as usual.

It will remain open until midnight Sunday the 7th October. Please make sure that you have got your downtime submitted before that date as we will be processing all the submissions shortly afterwards.

We have a few emails that we’ll be working through steadily over the next week. We always get a lot in the first few days of downtime so don’t panic if you don’t hear back immediately - we always make sure everyone has a chance to submit their downtime and any issues you’ve raised in your email will be sorted.

And finally - you can now also book for the events next year. We’re staying at our current site at Dadford Road for the coming year, and we’ll be continuing to invest in and improve the site over the winter.

The first booking deadline is not until February next year, so there is no pressure to book yet if you don’t want to. But if you are able to book early, please consider doing so, as it makes a huge difference to us to have your money early when we’re trying to invest and improve the events.

Winter is when we have time to work on big projects to improve the events - like the enormous new drain that we put in the field this year. The more money we from ticket sales in October and November, the more we can do to make next year even better!

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