++Downtime, tickets, and mailshots++

We’ve sent out the email to let everyone know that the website is now open for downtime submissions following the last event. You have just under two weeks to get your downtime submitted - the deadline is midnight on the 18th October.

As usual, you can find information about options and special effects on the Interlude page here → http://bit.ly/Interlude_Winter

This page lists all the major effects that might influence downtime - it doesn’t list everything that is happening only things that might either have an effect on your choices with military units or fleets, or change the production of your personal resource.

You can also now buy tickets from the website for next year’s events. Tent bookings will be available in the new year, but you can book for all the events as normal.

Please make sure your address on your account is up-to-date as we are planning to send out the annual mailshot well before Christmas this year (in fact in October if we can manage it). Please make sure your address is correct otherwise you’ll miss it!

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