Drinking water containers

so its still quite hot out and for the coming event i’ll need something for water i got a metal flask typically used for alcohol, would this be suitable for this, any other suggestions welcome.

A hipflask type thing? That’s perfectly fine.

Also good are these things.

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Around Anvil I carry a wine bottled sized glass bottle with a hinged lid in a long
pouch on my belt.

On the battlefield I have a
Camelback in a fabric cover.

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Plenty of good things from charity shops. Where I found this.


Carrying just a tankard is quite useful. Any time you’re near a tap fill it up yourself, but you’ll also find plenty of people are quite hospitable and may offer you something if you’re trading or talking with them.

Wrapping just about any bottle in hessian or basic cotton sheet is a quick solution, that is far better than going without. The plastic wine bottles with screw caps are a good option and easy to add a carrying strap to.

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I have one of these from Darkblade:

I play swashbucklers in other systems, so it fits my characters.

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As a healer ill have some water on me, as itll be part of my none magical healing RP.

Ill have a rucksack, hopefully. If it does not interfear with the costume, ill have a few bottles of water in there too.

These bottles will arrive at the event as mead… so, hopefully people will take me up on some Wintermark hospitality on the friday so i have bottles for the sat/sun.