Drone footage

Soo… did we hear anything come from the drone footage. I want to see to see some orcs pour out of the forest and such.

I also am waiting for that… I’m hoping for a flying pan of the PCs faces as they see three warbeasts with full infantry support between them and the gate…

Mark Hulmes didn’t end up using it in his recap video, although he was unclear on why he couldn’t use it.

that was what that remanded me about it all. Just curious if PD used it to do some promotional stuff yet.

Apart from the mention in Mark Hulmes’ video, I don’t believe we’ve heard anything since the call for people to email Matt if they don’t want to be in the footage when its released.

I imagine the first we’ll hear is in an official announcement from PD about the release, presumably before the next event. There’s a fair amount of PD stuff happening in the next couple of weeks, from what I can tell, so I doubt it’ll be very soon.

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i have spoke to someone in the know about this and they told me that they were still trying to ensure no one who wanted to be seen in it would be in it and would release it when they have finished ensuring this.

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