Druj slaves

allright first of all sorry for posting so much,but in order for me to not feel sad all the time i need to have some type of hype going.

as written before juliet have been a slave for the druj for a long time. any tips on what i can do to improve that feel like that she have markings, any special scars? or things to roleplay on? i also wonder how her backstory can be brought to the game when we can larp again?


Regarding scars, I can’t find any wiki entree pertaining to it, so this is fully head cannon. But you will be hard pressed to find any fighter in the empire who hasn’t been grievously wounded and saved. To they point where they should have many scars. But scars are rather uncommon (oc probably because people don’t want to / can’t do the make up). My thought IC for this is that Medical and magical practices are so good that scars are purly optional, you could have them healed if you wanted, so displaying them means you are sending a message. Could make a good talking point and let you talk about the dark days of your slavery and how the scars help you to never forget.

Characteristics wise. The druj are just awful. So if you are comfortable with it. Playing some sort of PTSD could be really strong. Maybe you flinch whenever someone draws or wields a dagger as it reminds you of what the druj did, maybe you are initially really nervous when you see a druj on the battle field, but once you land your fist hit you let go to the built up anger, fight harder, take… way too long executing a downed druj so you can ‘be sure they don’t hurt anyone else ever again’

Opens yourself up to a shorter ark of growth and redemption where you over the corse of a year get over your past trauma and grow into a fully fledged hero of the empire with ambitions looking forward rather than backward


thank you so much for the tips^^

One thing you might want to play with is the false virtue of vegenance as something your character is draw to, while still being a false virtue.


There is a lot of interesting stuff about vengence, like how it’s functionally indistinguishable from justice in its aruas, also connecting to summer eternals hayaak and more recently jaheris as they both like vengeance, lot of game there

Just might want to be careful playing with heresy as a new player as it can very much get you executed if you arnt careful.

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Would you have a slave brand from the Druj? Do they do that sort of thing? (Probably)

Oh, and if my character sells you tiny gingerbread Druj you can do horrible things to them. Dip them slowly headfirst into hot tea, for starters :slight_smile:


Depending on how recently she was liberated, you could decide if some imperial action whether a Military Unit opportunity, or imperial army pushing the druj back were who rescued her. That would give her ties to game time events that have occurred.

Also if very recently an apprehension towards the imperials orcs - if she has only been back in Dawn for a little while and hasn’t seen many if any orcs, they may be initially worrying. That would lead to fun rp of getting to know about them and their nation and make international friends (n.b. not suggesting being anti-orc, that’s too easy a trap for spicy roleplay and they’ll probably ignore you)


One of my characters would visibly stiffen if an orc approached unexpectedly, and then obviously try to shake it off and be polite. It was a good medium for her being a veteran used to reactively taking down Druj, but understanding that these orcs weren’t Druj.

(Obligatory “Death to the Druj!” here. Cheers! :smiley: )

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only been free for around a year.

Dawn has been raiding into the Barrens and freeing slaves, also the armies of Dawn (+Fist of the Mountain out of Wintermark to keep them grounded) recently conquered a Druj territory, taking a large slave town (it’s in Ossium, can’t remember name).

You could have come from there…?

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she could! yeah where can i read about that???

Search for recent history on the empire wiki, and check out the winds of war from a couple previous events :slightly_smiling_face:

Here, sub-section The Hare…


and here, sub-section Lomaa and the Crawling Depths.


If you want a horrific backstory, you could be one of the slaves working the crawling depths (“what’s the sun…?”). If you want a lighter one, the Varushkan flavoured artisan town of Ketsov was liberated by the Dawnish, so may well have impressed many into following their liberators home…



Well, Justice is also a false virtue. As for the auras associated with each, I can imagine that a non-vengeful Justice aura might turn up sometimes, but these things are not exactly common knowledge in the Empire, since they’re against the law.

So… was she an Empire citizen before she was captured, or a foreigner from some other nation? You don’t need to tell us, but obviously it’ll be important to her/you.

If Empire, then she might be trying to find friends or family… perhaps you could even arrange OOC with another player that your characters are long-lost siblings or something, and then have fun meeting IC at an event (maybe one failing to recognise the other at first due to the years of changes).

Or was she born in slavery? I suspect the Druj wouldn’t allow that: they wouldn’t think it worth feeding and housing a baby until it’s old enough to work, when for less expense they could capture a grown slave who would be useful immediately.

Still, maybe the Druj buy slaves sometimes, and I’m sure they capture slaves from other slave-owning nations (human or orc) where baby slaves are allowed to grow to adulthood.


she was a empire citizen before she was captured,

Yes justice is also a false virtue, being the other side of vengeance. But was worth mentioning as not all false virtues share identical auras (there are no similarities between justice/ vengeance and hope or peace or purity for example) this makes OPs consideration of vengeance another angle.

Also in order for a character to learn about the virtues and know what blasphemy is illegal they will/ could have learned about false virtues growing up. Plus it’s on the wiki so is openly available:


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Ive not had the time or brain space to write it down properly but i think if you were long time slave of the Druj its helpful to look at how and when they broke you, or who and what you sacrificed to avoid that because moral compromises is kind of the name of the game once youve been there a while. Though i suspect that depends on how hands on the Druj were with you, its a bit easier to blend in as an anonymous labour slave but the closer you are to them, the worse it is.

Hope the helps! (in a horrible way :smiley: )


Its really nice seeing people being so lovely. Getting great help here when i was making a character was big part of why i took to the game so well.

I think the suggestions about PTSD and family could work really great in game. In the league there were two people who independantly wrote stories about loosing family, and a major thing for their game was deciding that they were each others family.

It gave a huge emotional payoff - to the point that whilst we were talking OC on a thursday night, years later they mentioned it as one of their highlights from a lifetiem of larp.

At my first, I had a really great RP experience when my character found a preist to talk through his head problems with.

In terms of making background work in uptime I think the big questions are about what you would find fun, what you would be willing to do to make your back story visable to the people around you. Flinching at knives, carrying round manacles etc as mentioned above are all great ideas - but in up time you often have to choose between the thing that would advance you in game (e.g. defeating the person with the knife) and doing the thing that is going to make your characters backstory apparent to the people around you (flinching).

One of the fun things that playing a character like this can open up is that the best RP experience might come from doing the thing that you know as a player might be the worst idea. e.g. always sending your military unit to attack the druj no matter what other opportunities are or having an arc that starts with you consistently reacting based on your tragic past - but as you heal from that slowly starting to act more sensibly.

I think you definately have a really nice idea for a character here and they will likely be fun to play and interact with.