Dying Outside Combat

I know plenty of characters die on the battlefield, and a few others from the odd murder or deadly ritual, but are there any other ways for your character to die apart from being attacked in some way? What if you want your own character to die for whatever reason? Thanks for the help XD

You can:

  • Failure to get a Traumatic wound looked at in time is often fatal and not all TW’s result from combat
  • Imbibing one of the great Alchemical poisons
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Our group had a member die to the Reikos Flux back when that plot was running. It was a gnarly death.

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Ok, thanks all ^^

In theory, you could die in a duel?

You could also commit suicide somehow? I did have to patch up one friend who disembowelled herself in grief and guilt…

Given that Anvil is our reasonably peaceful and lawful capital city, and the PCs tend to spend their downtimes doing risky things, dying during downtime (ie, retiring the character, hopefully dramatically), or dying through the Sentinel Gate, is much more common than otherwise.