E1 2015 Froth Thread

Please post your good vibes about the event here.

Myself I must have had a great time as I am so deeply deeply broken now, I’ll put something vaguely coherent together tomorrow but for those able to froth go go go! :slight_smile:

Wow! Argh!

Plan: deliver sandwiches, talk to people, sing very badly at the top of my voice.

Actually: Heresy! Inquisition! Heralds backwards! Massive brilliant ritual! Very nearly killing everyone in the Civil Service Hub! Virtue! Terunael! Murder! Confusion! Militia! Anointing! Many Heralds! Sparkly Archmage! All of the people! All of the plot! All of the confusion!

A great weekend for me. I’m still trying to filter my thoughts, to work out which are tiredness-phantoms and which are legitimate points of note.
Sure, it was muddy and at times that mud was debilitating; but almost everywhere I went there were smiling faces and great RP. The work put in by the red caps to keep the event happening was amazing.
I’m sure that i will more to say once my head works again.

  • Mud, my own disorganised nature and real life happening to other people made it feel like nothing I had planned for the event was going to happen. I was very flat Friday and Saturday morning as a result. Things definitely picked up after that.
  • Fabrizio and Cosimo. The League Light Company lives! We went to battle under our own banner and it was sweet. (We leave glorious to Dawn.)
  • The rest of my guild had to go home Sunday evening :frowning:
  • I missed monstering quests on Sunday helping with that and it sounded like great fun.
    ++ Hospitality from the Carta Noturno.
  • I’m pleased with my winter projects - the armour worked, the doublet looked good, the booze sold, the standard was visible, the pamphlets were distributed.
  • My Masquerade of the Reaper mask creeped out grownups and amused babies which is perfect.
  • The song is worth the ring.
  • The utterly ruthless Gilded Horn Carta are suckers for small children apparently.
  • They throw the sparkliest weddings too.
  • Random astronomy while waiting for a very important election. I liked that each of the candidates presented a different vision for the Throne, well done.
  • Lord Theodore and his horrible henchman, Bill.
  • Putting back the battles by a day worked for me. I don’t think I could have run up that hill in Orc mask that many times on softer ground.
  • Congratulations to our monster commanders too for trying to vary the tactics and then retreating us off the field in good order.

Empire! So many many things. Clarice is pretty wrecked and so is her player…

+++ Talking to gatekeepers and ZOMG actually getting nominated for a vision! :smiley: Super excited about this - it seemed like a massively cool bit of the game even before the start of play, and it’s been on my bucket list for Clarice because causing her religious distress is ridiculously fun. :smiley: I really enjoyed all the soul-searching talks with Asher, Serrusto, Jospehine and the gatekeepers, and Clarice failing to produce anything but an inarticulate “… huh” when informed she’d actually been nominated this time. :smiley: Igraine, your machinations are amazing. <3 I’m loving this character arc and look forward to seeing where it goes.

  • Clarice doing her genuine, heartfelt best to defuse a situation with minimal drama and bad feeling, and having it devolve into drama and bad feeling anyway :smiley: “I knew I should have just punched someone instead…” Being kind of poleaxed by getting named heir apparent to her House.

  • Romantic shenanigans with Catalina! Tests, contracts, buyout clauses, horrifically culturally embarrassing conversations with the Handful of Dust, and conversations beginning “So if I don’t fuck up in Conclave, five to twenty percent of the Brass Coast might not turn into Wendigo creatures…” :smiley: I’m really enjoying that dynamic, all the conversations, nagacuddles and looking forward to seeing what happens… Clarice is actually happy about her personal life. It’s strange and confusing :smiley: Relatedly, I really enjoyed talking to various Leaguers going “So I suddenly have a ten year old… tell me about your childhood!”

  • “Clarice, you need to learn to relax.” “But I am relaxing! I’m in bed!” “You have a pile of stressful paperwork on your chest and you’re fretting about it.” “… but I’m doing it lying down!” I fucking love camping IC. There are bits of Clarice’s personality and lifestyle that only really get to shine during 2am and 8am conversations with Lord Novarion :smiley: Sad that we didn’t manage to do the joint nagaing of Frederick and Clarice for purposes of teaching them to chill out - hopefully next event :smiley:

  • The best family all round. Heart to hearts with Igraine and her intense face while talking about Feelings. Heart to hearts and being forced to engage in Politics with Lord Novarion - best father figure <3. It was great getting to spend some actual time with Frederick, and Rosalene’s wedding was brilliant. Heartfelt discussions about love and religion with Bo. <3 Best conflicted little brother. And coming out of one of them with the sudden appalled IC realisation that Clarice has a religious vocation and doesn’t fucking want one :smiley:

  • I did enjoy the battles! Playing the Saturday battle was interesting, as it seemed to be going well right up to the point where it was going dreadfully. Getting cut down, dragged behind the lines, being forced to my feet by a Tonic of Surging Flame and sprinting back through the enemy lines is always hilarious :smiley: The increasing desire for more military responsibility is another character arc I’m enjoying playing out with Clarice - she’s come a long way since E1. I also really had a good time monstering the second battle. I’ve decided I really enjoy water carrying - it makes me feel useful and as though I’m improving people’s experience, and homing in on people sweating is fun. It’s also a lovely contrast to playing battles as Clarice - my water slave is a massive coward with no opinions, no skills, no hits, no loyalty, but she has one job and is frantically determined to be the best damn water carrier on the field :smiley:

  • Visiting Pippin in the field hospital having been told she was dying, and crying. Clarice is pretty fucking shattered by the number of unexpected deaths this event - Lunette, Pippin, Marrock, Ynez, Cora… Having to break the news to de Carsenere about Marrock’s death was awful and amazing, as was trying to deal with Lord Novarion breaking over Lunette’s death and not having a single clue what to do or what to say. Clarice’s track record of people in her lance dying under her command is really not that great, and it’s starting to seriously worry her…

  • Sunshine on the last day! I do not have to dry my tent. Repeat: NO TENT DRYING <3 The ground was actually traversable by the end of the event, so had a nice relaxed takedown. Also, the loos smelt horrific and were too far away, but they did always have paper in them when I was there, which was a first. So many thanks to the redcaps.

  • My sleeping arrangements were warm enough and I wasn’t cold :smiley: Considering how muddy the field was, the amount of mud all over my tent, kit and life generally was astonishingly minimal. Relatedly, having a second pair of boots immensely improves my life. I did well at the self care and food thing this event and it was great :smiley:

  • The mud. Being heavily armoured and camped at the wrong end of the field to basically everything - Sentinel Gate, eateries, loos, Monster, GOD, the tavern - was made orders of magnitude worse by the physical effort of moving. Someone has to be camped there, but it really did suck.

  • Not knowing when we were supposed to be skirmishing or monstering despite real efforts to find out. I didn’t end up monstering the skirmish because I only found out shortly beforehand, and the prospect of kitting up again right after a tiring battle and running all the way across the waterlogged site in order to fight again was just overwhelmingly dreadful. Again, someone has to have the bad slot, but right after a battle is a really really awful time for a heavily armoured nation who are camped furthest away to be monstering.

  • Getting lost, getting to site late, having to pay on the gate, having to do Clarice’s wig in the dark, timing in late. Boo. Thank you to one and all who helped me lug stuff across that awful field and put up the tent, particularly Joff, Oliver, Sabrina and Geoff.

  • No horrible traumatic physicking for Clarice. Booooo :stuck_out_tongue: Want more field hospital :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Barely any singing :frowning: I love singing and this made me sad. We need more communal fires and stuff. Not enough time spent with the Foxes.

  • Sunburn, despite breaking out the Factor 50! :frowning:

— The very strong OC impression that reacting as was most IC appropriate for my character to some IC drama would lead to OC drama and bad feeling. I really really dislike this sort of thing, and it’s discouraged me from interacting with that story any further, which is sad. Putting IC distance between herself and Awful instead of exploding at the Awful is not Clarice’s preferred MO, and I’m a bit sad that it feels like it had to be forced that way, because there are showers of sparks I would really have enjoyed.

Changes characters was the best decision I made so far at Empire!

Negative points first:
Mud! (however the site is so much better than stud).
Being extremely embarrassed when only 10 people from the League could be bothered to turn up to our nations monster slot. This was seriously lame, I have always seen LARP as a community thing where people give and take in order to make it work. Being selfish because your personal role-play is too important is just naff, turn up and monster like other do! (See below for a positive point regarding this).

Positive points:
Playing a new character with someone special :slight_smile:
All the role-play around our guild, especially the sales pitch. “If you haven’t made waves, have an empty book and no enemies then you must be a nobody”.
Making an awesome curse which baffled some and made others giggle. **Feedback: I think creating rituals should be reduced to one per person, per day. I saw people coming in with 3-5 each time. I can’t see this being sustainable without breaking Grahame. Please PD put a cap on this so we don’t burn out the team. **
Getting paid to threaten Highguards Egregor. LOL
Running down to the League to rally people to come and monster in my Ref kit. Getting back from the skirmish we were supposed to be on and seeing a bunch of league players had come up and helped on something else. Faith was restored, still nowhere near enough compared to the nation size but a good sign.
Being a battle/skirmish ref, it’s fun, it’s helps the game run and PD are really lovely.
New site from the battle field look so good a night!
Seeing feedback being applied to the game and working. Have gone from close to quitting to HELL YEAH in one event.
The bag of sweets and generic Verushkan monsters.

This has been the most ridiculously dramatic LARP event I have ever been to.
+HOLY CRAP (literally). Porno Pete the Mud Wizard is the Cardinal of Prosperity now, in an accidental meteoric rise to power. Well, that escalated quickly. I think I’m playing the Empire equivalent of Boris Johnson or something. I love that the Vitues don’t have any reason why Smut Cardinal isn’t 100% above board.

+Though even Pete’s shocked that Dušan made Senator. Varushka looks completely bonkers.

+The Masquerade of the Reaper bit with “Antonio”, and realising just how easily everything could have been different if he hadn’t have had That Potion.

+Arranging a giant pile of necromancy to talk to the previous Cardinal’s ghost and check her soul was safe. Verifying we had the right spirit by using Cards Against Poise and a dirty joke. Last words to Pete’s mentor and a desperate attempt to combine a goodbye with CSI:Empire.

+Everyone smiling and nodding along as I did much of this wearing a glove puppet, then rushed off to hand it to a small child.

+Alongside that, the entire progression from “OK the Way is a Thing that I can use to serve the MARCHES and the LAAAAND” to “Yeaaah… Gonna stand for Cardinal, nobody else looks pious enough”.

+Achieving my OC goal I had from Year 1 of officiating a marriage, and the further goal of doing so ON A BATTLEFIELD. This happening unplanned, directly in the path of a barbarian charge was a mere bonus. Thanks to Pia and Ivan for plotting this.

+The King’s Stoke Bill Block, crusher of hopes, dreams and unprotected shins.

+Having so much IC trauma and OC exhaustion from the politicking and grief that I spent about 18 hours under an Anointing of “You think like Dr Spock” so that I wouldn’t decide to have my character collapse in a corner. ”There is a little box in the back of my head where all the pain, anger and grief is going. It’s going to open up later, at which point I will probably punch you in the face” “Yeah, I probably deserve it”

+Watching two of Pete’s friends announce their slow, lingering deaths while being emotionally switched off, but too afraid to get the effect removed in case he went on some sort of rampage and let down the Empire.

+Evander Slak being actually responsible. The faces I saw every time I explained why I wanted to give him a huge pile of money for this.

+Following through on a threat to personally rescue Bronn, heal him and be a dick about it if he went and did some sort of stupid suicide charge.

+Festival of the Reaper. Playing the role of a dead PC, as my PC. The delicious levels of mental gearshifting this induced in everyone who was pretending to be a fake person talking to a fake dead person.

+The entire Marcher Assembly unanimously voting on a motion that would 1: Support the downtrodden Briar masses and 2: Send everyone in the Talbots utterly berzerk.

+The continuation of that entire Repentant Fantasy Racist arc.

+Choosing to have the emotion-suppressing effect fall off during this and announcing Pete’s appointment to Cardinal in a tone of voice more suited for threats of grievous bodily harm as all his emotions dogpiled him.

+Dealing with the consequences of a recreational knife-fight at 1.30am in the senate. Thanks, Navarr. Thavarr.

+Digging out a rock from my ritual props bag because Dunstan needed to perform some emergency surgery, but considered using surgical tools to be “barbaric” compared to Rock Magic. Appropriate Roleplay for Physick is wonderfully vague.

+”So, my payment turns out to be “Not getting posessed”? “That’s pretty important” “You need to work on your payments”.

+Battle magic being scary :smiley:

+The battles. As a player, they were not the boring open field grind-fest I feared. As a monster we had good briefs, a story and felt like we were there to deliver roleplay, not Killbot #8236.

-Deciding we had no way to work out who murdered someone as she couldn’t make out her attackers, then realising the Militia have a huge stack of unsolved murders and the investigative rituals are not proving to be a deterrent. Ending up with a guard and a check I was armed in a game that was sold as “not Maelstrom Paranoia Levels and Gate Guards”. It’s not the ease of shanking, it’s the lack of investigative game to inflict consequences with.

-The main toilet and shower blocks being on the Quiet Field, not the main camping field, and this not being signposted on the site plan.

-Lack of toilets with running water.

I have omitted or forgotten a lot, it has been a blur punctuated by sandwiches and beer. Too. Much. Stuff.


The Navarr vs Varushka fight on Friday night. What a glorious mess. The massive fallout was IC stressful, but OOC very satisfying and led to making friends and enemies in unexpected places.

Dance Of Thorn And Navarr: Getting three dozen Navarr at the Regio for a historic ritual with music was spectacular.

Dance Of Thorn And Navarr round 2: Same again, but this time in the middle of a raging battlefield!

Wiping out half an orc flank in 2.4 seconds with nine Impale calls between two of us.

Getting to propose the naming of Gwai’s Way at the Standing - closes off my adjutancy rather nicely.

The Navarr campsite songs and stories were awesome as always. Telling stories is becoming something of a habit of mine now.


Due to various OOC circumstances, half my group either never made it or had to leave early.

Much mud, and the resultant blister.

One incident in a skirmish of a monster arguing with one of my group over his stats, rather than taking the hit and keeping the battle flowing.


That was an event, right there. I think that was the third Empire event to be my BEST LARP EVENT EVER.

*Plot came out with my name on it. Relevant plot.
*Epic amounts of romantic/social roleplay
*Girding and being girded
*Favours and henna
*Gatekeepers deciding I needed more True Liao in my life
*Getting to make my nation applaud
*Not even having time for a historical curiosity
*Order infighting
*Frightening physicks without even being wounded
*The gorgeous new regio stones
*That Ritual
*A shiny throne coin of my very own
*Oh, and I ran for office and won, off the back of a 55 second speech. Which was pretty nice.

I’d like to send a big thank you to the Red Caps and those who helped pushing cars, vans and motorhomes out of the field yesterday.

It was very much appreciated.


IC wins:

Performed a play twice, and had folks from other nations come to see the play. Then were commissioned to do two more plays and a song! Thanks to all who supported us.
Complete love to the chap who chose to commission street theater as a way to mock a political idea he wished to discredit - *so *League.

Explained and fed popcorn to heralds (one of whom told people it was maggots, IC I was very perturbed, OC, trying not to laugh)

Felix on his stag night, and Four Rivers Theater being a chunk of his stag party for a time as his group had beggared off. He was utterly fabulous.
Felix and the ladies of the Looking Glass at various points critiquing Niccolo on his clothing, and helping choose material for his new doublet.

Discovered some in-group secrets/drama!
Got very excited about our profits.

Unicorns: are they lineaged horses?
OC wins:**

Did not fall into mud at all.
The two Brass Coast gents who challenged the group of “Anvil residents” being shown around site, to state who they were and where they were from. Hit just the right tone to amuse, and show how we play things in character.
The amazing chap who carved a set of sail boats and floated them on the brown pool near Skian Mhor. Genius!.

Odd win:
Resolved some plot, by discovering that it was never plot, but something previously mis-communicated by a ref, now kindly put right at great length by the fantastic ref Doug… whoops. And one of our group is now an IC “expert” in the particular thing that was never plot… :laughing:

Oh boy, this is a long one.

Best bits of my event, in vaguely chronological order:


  • Mana shopping! Being trusted with the most money Tilly’s held in her life! Haggling with Leaguers!
  • Finding out about the consequences of Bron’s curse and the subsequent moral anguish.
  • A certain herald showing up at exactly the right moment.
  • Talking about Kalindar with Gralka. Finding out things I never knew while he was alive and getting to give her a copy of my poem about him.
  • Pinning a new pamphlet up in the hub three times due to defacement. So happy it caused the amount of controversy that it did.
  • Explaining Spring eternals in very small words to some people panicking over the Arhallogen herald.


  • After helping to save some villagers during a skirmish, one of them was going around thanking people and shaking their hands. When he got to me, he looked at the bark, hesitated, then said “Oh fuck it, thank you!” and shook my hand.
  • Reading my pamphlet to the Pride assembly!
  • After worrying that the research we funded last time would take away fun by getting PD to weigh in on the matter of briar burials, I was absolutely blown away by how the plot team managed to give us something to work with while still maintaining the controversy. Seriously, hats off to you people.
  • Somehow managing to reconcile with Roslyn in spite of her and Tilly’s massively differing worldviews.
  • Making (ultimately doomed) plans with Seth to go to the Mourn together and repair dolmens so the land will be ready for retaking.
  • The aftermath of Iulian’s vision! Holding Allegra down so she wouldn’t stab people! Seeing the joy on Mari’s face when she found out!


  • The emotional high of the battle itself when Tilly thought Roslyn and Rosamund had been left behind.
  • The tears afterwards when it became clear that Smith, Smith and Ada had actually been left behind.
  • Telling Seth’s story to Kit Ramsbruck and agreeing to publish his poems.
  • On an OC note, being able to help Carys quickly put together some new kit so her regen wouldn’t be mistaken for Ada.
  • Being a witness to a murder accusation and a claimant in an assault accusation against the same guy. If anyone knows who Hob Culloch’s player is, could they let him know how much awesome game that created and that there are absolutely no hard feelings OC :slight_smile:
  • The amazing feeling of IC support and acceptance amongst King’s Stoke following the above. It really added to the sense of King’s Stoke as a living community, rather than just something that exists every three IC months.
  • Giving advice to a newly expressed briar (IC name Brady, OC name Gemma I think) and realising that Tilly is now a priest of Pride in all but actual skills/resource.
  • The discovery of Cora’s assassination and temporary terror that it might have been Tilly’s fault.
  • Discussing briar activism with Isca and leaving with moral questions that Tilly is not fully equipped to handle.


  • Aside from one unpulled face hit, monstering the battle was a generally fun experience.
  • Being there when the unanimously-passed statement of principle regarding briar burials was announced at the Marcher muster. No punches thrown, amazingly
  • Iulian’s very understated “Fuck this shit.” when told about the outcome of the assault case.
  • The Tangled Thorns last minute bombshell. Somehow you still manage to surprise me.
  • Five words: stuffed tiger toy of despair. OH IULIAN.

Quick not-so-great bits:

  • Casual sexism in the Marches camp (specifically calling light chainmail ‘woman’s chain’). Thankfully the guy who plays our egregore took it very seriously.
  • The mud once again made traversing the field actually painful.
  • Hitting a bit of a wall on Sunday due to the sheer volume of emotional topics. Managed to recover with noodles and hot chocolate though :slight_smile:
  • After managing to avoid it for two years, my period finally synced with Empire. Not fun.

On Friday night, I made the questionable choice to wear minimal kit because I was about to risk falling flat on my face in the mud, then fell flat on my face in the mud. Once all the (extremely fun) IC stress was done, I crashed out OOC and went to bed via several Deeply Unpleasant Mud Consequences.

On Saturday morning I had zero keen, but managed to bootstrap back to happy-enough-to-be-capable of roleplaying by helping out the GOD crew and went back in.


I just spent a cumulative total of about six days doing politics and romance, the lifeblood of a Dawnish enchanter - I squeezed it all into four days in the obvious fashion…

Loving the political game around the Conclave - losing a Grand Master election by one vote and probably getting more out of that than I would from winning, involving myself in the successful bid for Archmage of Day - and a lot of interpersonal stuff around that (because Dawn).

It was so good because of a fortuitous meeting of characters in just the right situation, but this event couldn’t have been anywhere near as much fun without PD’s setting and the political setup we’re in. Of particular note: the Conclave has its flaws but my current character seems to be well suited to making it fun despite them, and the intersections of national character are making a lot of fun for me, from the simple “Dawnish person attempts politics with Freeborn and rapidly realises he’s in completely the wrong mindset” to the complex interplay of Navarr and Dawnish traditions regarding love and responsibility.

I absolutely love girding as a tradition, from all my circlet on/circlet off to waiting anxiously for the right person to get to the camp to gird me for battle to the quiet minute when I reciprocated it.

Really looking forward to next event. :smiley:

New Character, new group, new nation :slight_smile:

+Crew, God and Monster were all superb. Thankyou to everyone we interacted with in every aspect of the OC side of the game, you were all excellent and inspired me and Rob to pull a double reffing slot for the skirmishes because you were all working so hard and we wanted to help as much as possible :slight_smile:
+Swapping characters; I think on balance I did enjoy playing Floree and she was a great character, but my new character and game direction is so 100% exactly my play style and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy every element of the sort of game I’m now playing again. As one very good friend put it “…hello Whisper” and he is SO right. Why has it taken 5 years to realize that’s what I really enjoy??
+League! Doing the rounds IC and meeting the new nation and all the groups. Everyone roleplayed with us and many people listened to our sales pitch, and it was excellent to be taken up on our deals for work. It was quite a gamble to come in with the group idea of “you can pay us to do stuff for you” and I’m so glad it’s working!
+Pulling off jobs with style! We went in with the game plan of “nail the jobs you get, so you get more business” and I like to think we have done just that :slight_smile:
+The new magic ritual research system is excellent, but I think it should be limited to one per person per day, because otherwise Graeme is going to drown under a thousand rituals of “we just wondered what this’d cost for shits and giggles”
+“Hello, I am… Generic Varushkan monster one, this is Generic Varushkan monster two.” “Don’t you have names?” “We figure not having names seems more evil.” “So you don’t know any Varushkan names, then?” “No. No we don’t.”
+Making new friends and connections all over the place - yes, we are basically a machine that you put coins into and solutions to your pvp issues fall out. I won’t names names, but you know who you all are and you’re all brilliant :smiley:
+Reffing skirmishes and the Monday battle was excellent from every angle - crew-side was efficient and cheerful, we were given the stuff we needed, the battle briefs etc to read, and clear jobs to do. Player-side I saw very few incidents, and everyone I did pull up was exceedingly polite, apologized and (most importantly) didn’t do it again :wink: There is always going to be more things that could be done and improvements that can be made, but it was great to see changes made from feedback given last year, and to see we are heading forward and things are really looking good as battle safety and reffing has improved :slight_smile:
+Tyrus’ words to Lazarus at the gate of the fort. I was almost crying and I was just a bloody ref! Thankyou for reminding me why we do this crazy hobby.
+Matt bouncing up and down on a mattress in the Matt-cave with glee while we received our results for the astral projection ritual we’d written. I’m glad we hit on the correct sort of game :wink:

-Fuck you, mud.
-Double fuck you, wet shirt I wore for two painful and cold days before you fucking finally dried out. Slave to fashion. A very cold slave to fashion.
-Bad (but improving!) knee plus shitty ground conditions meaning we weren’t as around or as prolific as we could have been as it made me very apathetic. Luckily, it turns out God is fucking awesome and sitting in there waiting for Astral projections while you warm up a bit is awesome :slight_smile:
-Hearing about a few injuries and medical emergencies, I hope everyone recovers quickly and is fully better as soon as possible.
-More people should come to the monstering skirmish slots because we all like plot and we all want more of it and this is the best and most excellent way of getting it.

Vague pile while things dry.

FOXFOXFOX. New sister and cousins to help us keep the old guard on their toes. Love mah family.

Serena. Just what I want out of a sister – all of the rivalry, meddling, snarks and then ‘what did you just say about my sister RAGE’ and piles of love and support. SE-REEEEE-NA bring me things, I’ve got war wounds…’ we nieced so hard. I’d be sorry at Tim, except I’m so not!

The Usual Suspects. Nicover Collegiate, Looking Glass, I’m lookin at you. Always brilliant to play with, even if all too brief often!

‘If we could channel your petulance into heat we could power the entire Empire’

Heading out on skirmish and getting my first taste of Purple(bwim Liao). Yumyum Loyalty

Helouise! ERHAGAHD. Dawn happened to me and I kept an almost straight face through most of it. Watching a pile of knights and knights errant try and Help make Felice/Helouise happen. Well done for Most Obvious Setup still goes to Cousin Robbie, though. Cheeseboard date!

Various complications with that sitch, and Espelho’s help, and cousin drama, and and and

Battle rescue from Lunetta “Just get up, whoever the hell you are…OHSHIT you’re Helouise’s mumblemumble” and finding out later she’d died. Life debt complicating things MORE, and causing me to whimper and cry at people, and do the serious thing at others.

Battling after casting Circle of Gold. Much family. Very growling. So skirmish.

House of the Golden Mask! Oh Tino. Well played. I have no other words. And Virtue <3 I can now go home to mother with a final report :smiley: every interaction, all the fun.

My encounter with Prosperity in the form of uncle Drigo. Oh, the purple lace mask set <3 so Felice, such debt I’m now in,totally worth it for the responses and comments when I went out in it for Reaper’s Day, and then it nearly became a new battle mask when the call to arms went off.

The Highguard Procession, handing over the urns, the Reaper, interruptions leading to amazing RP with the CoTLM (I will miss you guys so hard) and saying goodbye to our spirits. Tears

Finally managing League duels, having missed the bridges for the arming up – yay being back in the Glory Square! Much love for Felim and Danitza(spelling certainly wrong) for getting me back in there. Glad I got the ‘make them challenge you, then offend their national fibre by making it tippy tappy’ out in play.

Loyalty. I HAVE RUBBED MY FACE IN THE WAY PROPERLY as in, there is now Liao on my face. Whoopwhoopwhoop thank you Cousin Vitoria for Enabling.

DRAMACRAWL. Getting 2 bar crawls in 1 event was awesome: the second one was just epic and I wouldn’t have believed improv in a highborn pub could have me choking with laughter till it happened 30 seconds after I joined, and I have huge glee over the prospect of a drama-crawl-off with other troupes!

Rituals – having found myself just not up for sitting in anything resembling meetings and resigning myself to never finding refs/getting involved in magic game, being able to cast 2 rituals, one of them without any warning or prep, was awesome. I love these and wish I could do more! Being poked into singing in front of people is the only way I do it, and I love singing the songs in mah book.


DUVETS. Totally worth the carspace.

Sealskins and boots with ankle support! The day I remembered to put the skinz on was the day I was just happier, cos my feet stopped being cold at all.

Seeing people, though not enough people and generally mostly in passing – but still! Also, I felt fantastically supported, by group and friends – this event is placed at a time that is just misery and woe for me, and it was rarely like that, and thank you to everyone who smiled and hugged and checked in on me.

Monstering Monday’s battle was excellent – I’ve had up and down with monstering to the point where I contemplated playing chars who don’t battle, so I don’t have to monster. However, as I get rly rly bored without hitting things and am sad if I have no instances of ‘ohshit imma die RIGHT NOW’ at least once an event, having a battle where I felt part of something awesome and came off grinning was fantastic and very optimistic making. Also, despite headhits (safely pulled! No concussion checks here!) and being paggered a fair bit, the only bruise I have from it is from the stone I knelt on while waiting for it to start!

The sheer amount of bloodymindedness and ongoing effort from redcaps and PD to make the unfavourable conditions WORK. Says quite a lot to me about the event that I am gleeing and frothing, despite having been at the lowest points I have been at an event due to cold/mud/hate/stuff, and it holds up as SoMuchFun. Nil points to mud!

Still not as high as an Isolde event, still struggling with being the useless/whiny/inconsequential cousin. Eh, it works, and I reckon I am causing enough havoc to enjoy Felice while she foxes at people. Timing of monster slot, skirmishes and various other stuff threw me quite a lot(especially having no idea that we had a second monster slot, clearly i missed reminders), so gonna figure out how I can make my head happier when that happens. People are awesome. My face is no longer purple, and I’m having phantom-wig moments.

Just a comment on this (as a ref who’s involved in the arcane projection process).

We are going to be making some changes to the details of the arcane projection system - there were a few time slots that just didn’t work very well.

However, I’d be surprised to see a limit like that. One thing to consider: not that many magicians actually use it. Instituting a system like that means that people who want 3 projections and have a group will just get two of their mates to also spend their slot, which is longer to deal with (3 people independently is a longer time than 3 projections from one person) and is more prone to secondhand explanation errors.


His eyes darted around the tent, candlelight illuminating the various animal skins which lined the floors and furs which made comfortable seats out of what were essentially storage boxes. The faces around him were all familiar and all furrowed into expressions of thoughtfulness.
Agnarr had just stood as a potential candidate of Thane, the leader of Holt Hyrde, and every nerve in his body seemed to be working in overdrive. He had given his speeches, he had looked each and every member of his hall in the eye. All at once he felt pride and fear but driving him, rising above all of those other feelings, he felt the virtue of ambition burning within, his changeling blood fuelling this fire.
The faces around turned as their current Thane addressed them, “And now, we vote. We, of Holt Hyrde, stand united despite the curse acting upon us and tonight, we begin deciding our future.”
Agnarr took a deep breath. No matter what happened, he knew the outcome would be just. Those others standing as Thane would be fantastic choices and the future of the Holt was secure regardless of the decision that night.
He had never expected the voting to have swung in his favour and for it to be announced that he, Agnarr ‘Bearsbane’, would be the one to lead them into that future…

Arriving to the site on Thursday, I was tempted to turn around and go home. Driving into the mud and being told that it would be impossible to get into the IC field worried me but I gave it a go and succeeded. It was pretty dire, but I had seen worse.
This was my first event camping IC and with it being cold, wet and muddy, I was not enthusiastic. We set up the three tents around the large bell tent and awning to make ourselves an awesome camp (which ended up being one of the social hubs of Wintermark over the weekend!) with the firepit in the centre of all.
As always I was blown away with the attention to detail in the IC areas and the care that was taken in setting everything up. People were complaining about the fact that PD had left kit out and cars were still around but…weather was a massive factor here. The fact that even 4x4s were banned from entering the field at one point meant that there was no choice, but in all honesty, it felt so easy to ignore it all.
As people arrived, it was amazing seeing the ladies and gentleman of the Holt Hyrde once more, both OC and IC.
I’m going to break down the events of the weekend as best as possible now, without getting too wordy. I’m also probably going to mix up days because…it was crazy!


Our first moot was amazing. It was good seeing everyone again. We were warned about the power of the curse and how it might affect us as a nation but to stand tall against it.
Thanes council meeting was attended by A LOT of people as there were several halls electing new Thanes, but decisions were made regarding the future of the Mark and were incredible.
New Generals were being elected and one of my friends went for it (Volk) and was named Adjutant.
Holt Hyrde’s first meeting of the season it was announced that we needed a new Thane, I stood and so did Volk. I only chose to stand because there was concern that Volk couldn’t be Adjutant AND Thane. Otherwise I wouldn’t have said a word. We had to make speeches to let everyone know why we would make new Thanes. River, of course, asked us several questions about our candidacy which were difficult.
Elections were held, I was elected the new Thane, I did not expect it, but I was so damn happy!
The first of several of the weekend’s skirmishes happened.
Got into a huge argument with a Marcher about whether or not WitherSeed was a good idea or not that was excellent, especially as he’s one of my closest friends OC.
Gralka and several other Orcs came into the Holt tent. They were, of course, welcomed with open arms. Cue several stories, one or two songs and a hell of a lot of laughter!

No big battles today, but a lot of skirmishes.
There were LOADS of people I didn’t know who came to introduce themselves to me as Thane and continue to build the relationships of the Holt with other groups.
Got acquainted with Bjornholt who called us over to celebrate Fishmass. It was amazing and delicious plus, I tried Reindeer blood for the first time which is AMAZING and many more were drunk over the weekend! That group are fantastic! Tradercrow is epic and their Thane, Runa, is an absolute sweetheart.
Plans began to form about our holts working together in battle because of how our strengths and weaknesses covered each others.
I got to do my first naming…TWICE. Iorl was named StaffStorm first in front of the holt as we sat around the fire. I told the story of his MANY battles, about the fact he’d been noticed by our own members, the generals and even the egregores! Plus name him officially, with Ylkmiska tattooing the name onto his soul. I had to do this again in front of the whole of Wintermark on Sunday which was scary but amazing.
I also told my first proper story as a scop and was encouraged to do so “Gralka style” and did alright haha. Told two stories in one, the story of the ThaneGuard and the story of the Orc Pits.
There was also the fact that the Krampus decided to pay us a visit…the Krampus is a dark side of our Egregore and appears to test the virtue of those of the Mark. Several were cursed by the Krampus and one person was thrice-cursed. Either way, she did a fantastic job of being both creepy and intimidating as she wandered around the camp speaking to people. She came into the Thanes meet and was generally a bit disturbing. Created an amazing amount of good RP.
First memory of the day I can salvage was the Ylmiska provided and Raethwyn cooked pulled pork. It was utterly delicious and the fact that Ismo and Xander showed up with bacon double cheeseburgers from Tykes/Feast as well just…god damn that was amazing! Didn’t hurt that we had epic stew for dinner the same day. Thank you chocolate fairy!
Three small skirmishes today, set off my character getting extremely angry. Wintermark sought the crown, and we were told smaller halls would be able to put forth warriors to earn names and glory…and some halls put forward 8 warriors to get NONE allowed on the mission…Agnarr was PISSED. Even though our warriors had tons of fun on the Marcher’s mission.
We were informed that the newly elected Cardinal of Vigilance had been assassinated, and that Ylmiska, one of our members and a stormcrow of vigilance, was next in line. Quickly, I ordered that no-one in the Holt was to travel alone, but that teams of two or three were to take weapons and armour if they had time to get it, and get into the different nations to find our Stormcrow who is so filled with wanderlust. She was found, she was guarded and the tension levels lowered at least temporarily.
Once that died down, here began one of the most amazing and relaxing times I’ve ever had at Empire. People from different halls, nations, lineages and beliefs all gathered around our firepit. So much free booze was provided and fantastic MarcherMallows from Ismo. It was amazing and went on to the point where we were pretty sure the tint of yellow was on the horizon, and so we all scuttled off to bed LOL

This was the big battle and it sucked so hard that I couldn’t go with everyone (I have had issues OOC with a blood clot in my leg that meant I had to sit out) but it was amazing to get everyone equipped and help prepare. We rallied to the banner and we teamed up with Bjornholt and Herd so that we had a good amount of shield users, spearmen, archers and healers all working together. Felt so damn proud sending everyone off, but wished I had been going with them.
Everyone came back safe, just had to make sure everyone was ok.
Not much else happened other than it was time to depart. We took camp down, slowly said our goodbyes, and began to go our separate ways. Felt awful leaving but was brilliant getting home and having a shower LOL

Lots of rumours flying around such as; Navarr having a bunch of resources stolen from a lockbox, Highguard losing a general, assassins being around a lot (paritally proven) that there was a ghost in the Marches,

So many amazing memories and I’m sure there are tons of things I’ve forgotten. I’ll add later if need be haha.


  • My hall in general. I absolutely love each and every member of the group.
  • Becoming Thane of Holt Hyrde. God dammit, responsibility!
  • Reindeer Blood…just in general.
  • The insane amount of RP which happened this event.
  • IC camping for the first time. Noisy but bloody worth it.
  • EVERY PERSON who came to the Holt Hyrde fire pit. It was amazing having you and I feel I’ve made some amazing new friends.
  • Bjornholt and Herd. I want to find you all on FB because you guys were awesome!
  • Various members of Holt Hyrde being promoted and recognised. You all deserve it (David, Tom etc.) and are damned amazing at what you do. Felt so damn proud.
  • How high morale stayed despite the horrid initial weather conditions!
  • Gralka and the other Orcs. You guys are so fun! Plus, at the insistence of my Holt, my storytelling traditions are now modeled on Gralka’s LOL
  • Mud
  • Puddles in my tent night 1. Was fixed and sorted for night 2.
  • Losing a few members of the Holt made me extremely sad.
  • Mud
  • My car (and many others) becoming stranded in IC field and unable to get out. Sorry everyone!
  • A few people not knowing when it’s ok to drop into OC talk lol

Not to mention that I know several covens were gathering their ideas together and then sending one member down to hand in a bunch of projections at once while the rest did other things, while limiting their projections to 1 per person would just have meant the entire coven queueing up.

As for my + and -s:

  • The Black Plateau skirmish and everything leading to that. Terror, joy and the sight of the entirety of the nation accepting the risk of what we were doing and then pulling together.
    +walking the spiral.
  • The two crown offer to the Master which really changed the dynamic there.
  • THAT BAG and taking ALL the Liao
  • The Monday battle, the brilliant rp from the wraiths and that sinking feeling that we weren’t going to have enough Liao to complete the mission and the sheer joy of wringing every last dose out of the army and making it by skin of our teeth.
  • The assembly of the way, especially Beodun and Atla, enjoy your candles.
  • The Urizeni Exorcists, we need a better name for our sect :slight_smile: but its great to feel like one of the empires first responders.
  • my brand new sash, and by extension the sashes of the magestrrium in general. Must resist urge to collect all the circles…
  • Phoenix reach for always having a seat and a warm tent for a friend,and for lending me a blade when I needed one.
    +Tykes food and good discussions with Mr tyke himself.
    -the mud, the tiring clinging, sucking mud.
  • missing the festival of the reaper because of not being able to face the mud due to leg pain.

I’m going to do my nots first so I can end on a positive,

*Mud - it’s been said 100 times but yeah, I saw the soles of boots left behind and the sheer effort it took to walk across the field made it too tiring to walk through, let alone run.
*National monster slots - don’t get me wrong I like the idea, but it wasn’t IC signposted very well, so when I got to a nation to speak with someone and half the nation were missing, it made Anvil feel less real. A notice in the hub would have helped out with this.
*Camp attacks - Monsters wandering about attacking people (something to do with Vigilance or Spring?) made certain non-combatants feel housebound at the event and again changed how Anvil felt as a capital city for me. Also, getting into a fight with that level of mud just felt unsafe from and OOC point of view.
I really liked the political and social PVP, Empire for me had that as its unique selling point. Now it seems like boring guard duty and having to carry a weapon might be the way forward.

*Player led plot
Money, power, wealth, shenanigans, the sun came out, cake. meeting friends old and new, drinking with them, enjoying the food in tykes, and managing to get my car out at the end of it all without needing a tractor! :smiley: